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Is Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) Real?
English Blog · 08. novembre 2023
What happens when we get out of the body? How does it work? What is its process and sequence? Who is entitled to an out-of-body experience (OBE)? How is OBE experienced during meditation, sleep, and even in death?
Develop Your Creative Intelligence to Become a Mental PowerHouse
English Blog · 06. agosto 2021
The Triangle of Success and Realization requires the third element of creative intelligence, to complete and balance willpower and love. The integration of the intuitive faculties will make you a mental powerhouse. It will allow you to see ahead to prevent crises and to resolve them over the linear mind that created them.

How Knowing Countries' Cycles & Karma Can Help Your Business
English Blog · 02. giugno 2021
Every Country is a living Being with its own birthday and cycles (refer to the 7 Cycles article in this blog). And also with his karma. Arriving close to the country's birthday there is a karmic purging. There are 2 karmic moments in the year when you don't want to start any project and business, to do not affect them. But also there are the strongest one, that we have to cross with your own cycles, to find the best moments of the year.
Do Not Remove Power from God
English Blog · 04. marzo 2021
When did it happen that Power and Intelligence were taken away from God and it became only Love? Love does not solve everything. What we love we nurture. Is there anyone who loves injustice? Or maybe corruption?

SMART Self-Development Tool  | Namascar Meditation
English Blog · 04. febbraio 2021
In difficult times, not knowing how to resolve problems, or if we feel lost, without meaning, with less interest in living things, and so, it is time to align to our Higher Self, our Soul. Let's look at why and how to do it.
Memorial Day. The Lesson We Lost in Holocaust
English Blog · 27. gennaio 2021
The International day to remember the victims of the Holocaust focuses much on remembering the suffering, to do not forget that we have to respect others. That we do not have to prevaricate imposing our reasons on others. But it is not happening still now. Separatism is so strong, even in small things. Plus, there is an important lesson I think we lost, that is from the perspective of the victims' responsibility...

#StopViolence AgainstWomen - #BeTheChange ...
English Blog · 26. novembre 2020
I think today is the right time to share my story with you and what I have learned from it. No To Violence Against Women, but more precisely, No To Violence Against Anyone! "During my first long, intuitive solo trip to Europe, it was summer 2014, when I arrived in Paris I suffered an attack. It was the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, 14 July 1914, and also the anniversary of the Federation, although considered by all to be the anniversary of the seizure of the Bastille ...
YES & NO of Effective COVID-19 Prevention ...
English Blog · 02. settembre 2020
YES and NO of lifestyle to prevent COVID-19 from the point of view of Energy Science with which even cases of COVID-19 are successfully and remotely treated, from asymptomatic to severe.

Are you ready for Earth Changes?
English Blog · 03. luglio 2020
We are facing big Global Changes through a Positive Destructive phase on Earth to reconstruct. Why? What can we expect next? Where are the best and the worst places on Earth to live? Survival Tips and how to be prepared in order to navigate the next challenging times. The book, Aquarian Revolution.
English Blog · 24. giugno 2020
After I have overcome the unthinkable, 9 years ago, I had a vision: Europe resting on a crystal floor, under which an emotional magma was ready to explode. Then violence, emotional explosion, chaos. Plus the ANTIDOTE. Please do it together!

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