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English Blog · 01. ottobre 2019
Who says YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE TO BE IN FAVOR OR AGAINST SOMEONE? Why feed another stupid war between people? Why having to choose whether I like or dislike Greta? Why choose a border to stay in? Why have to be totally in favor or totally against? Why should I feed separatism instead of integrating different points of view? This is the real game: TO DIVIDE, to nurture the conflict. NO, I DON'T! I don't choose a part
English Blog · 30. giugno 2019
Do you work in Health Care or Life Quality departments? Do you work as Medica Doctor, Nurse, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Life Coach, Holistic Operator? If Yes you already know the Compassion Fatigue Syndrome. I lived the same. After successfully facilitating transformations of many things in thousands people, at a moment, 11 years ago, I start to feel as an old "floors mop". So, understanding that I had to recover my health in order to sustain my service to last, life give me the solution.

English Blog · 27. marzo 2019
How Energy Science will help advanced leaders on access to higher level of consciousness maximizing their potential to help humanity in making the quantum leap needed to enter in the new than oy Era. More easy to do than you can imagine.
English Blog · 13. febbraio 2019
Forgiveness is one of the keys to go to the future. But if the pain is deep we need time. Here are one strategy and one technique that I already tested, to naturally forgive, being free from that pain and tension, and feeling good.

English Blog · 02. gennaio 2019
Discover how to practically increase Vitality and Will-Power with Master Del Pe. Will-Power and Vitality are the keys to speed and continuity of long-lasting performance. Without them, it is difficult to overcome obstacles
English Blog · 11. dicembre 2018
25 lucky young candidates will receive 6 months of sponsored training with job contract as Alternative & Complementary Medicine International Specialists, to work with MDP BElife USA . Apply until next December 25. Good Luck!

English Blog · 04. agosto 2018
Did you ever tried the Inner Child's Week? or the Intuitive Travel? and what about Overcoming One Limit? Here WHY and HOW to make your vacations an unforgettable experience.
English Blog · 26. giugno 2018
Do you want earn more, lowering costs? Be you the 1st, investing on priorities, before needs decide for you. Why do wealthy and successful people need higher consciousness and ICHC?

English Blog · 19. marzo 2018
New practical and natural tools to win addictions and their side effects in 45 days, with Self-Management Strategies designed by Master Del Pe. cleanLIFE™ program. See testimonials and the official research results.
English Blog · 01. febbraio 2018
The clients generally buy the seller and the connected emotions, before the product, but it doesn't mean that we have to recite, to praise, in one word, to lie (reading time 1 min. 20 seconds).

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