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Rejuvenation, Healing, Enlightened Leadership, and Spiritual Training.

Are you looking for a life changing experience? Are you ready to overcome your health challenges, find a dynamic balance with a meaningful life or make break-throughs for achievable enlightenment in this lifetime? Do you want to enrich your leadership with globally exclusive and advanced "out of the box" teachings and tools? Do you want Rejuvenate?


Especially in failing time there is no value to replace the quantum lip consciousness that you will have.

Game Changer

For Entrepreneurs and Leaders that want to stay or achieve the top of their game, even in failing times.

Providing the new philosophies, paradigms and tools + strategies, to survive, be safe, sustain and thrive even in difficult times. You do not have to pause your life. You can be more skilled, and also lead others.

Enlightened Life

Master Del Pe designed this comprehensive program to spiritually jumpstart participants to find their higher path and start creating breakthroughs in life; to fly high with 2 wings, spiritual and material. For Spiritual seeker and servers, including the Wesak Festival Celebration during the Taurus Full Moon.

Thyrd Eye Initiation

The most advanced training and multifunctional spiritual tool available to open up and show the best of best in your career and life, quickly developing 5 levels of  ascending intelligence, to see ahead of time and make the best long-term decisions for life. This is the tool of Masters of wisdom and legendary  future leaders. 

Healing Retreat

Designed to expose the attendees to the maximum healing sessions based on the severity of the health problem and one development with exercises, meditations, blessings, spiritual works, by applying BEwell Science strategies. 

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