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The power of the mind is needed to envision, build, create, and materialize goals, strategies, solutions, and to analyze options. Will-power without mental faculties tends to impose crystallized, with inflexible ideas and dogmas. Love without mental power is not practical, discriminating or intelligently applied. Without the building nature of creative intelligence, love has nothing to preserve and will-power has nothing to destroy for new creation. The cycle is incomplete. Thus the Success and Fulfillment Triangle requires the third element of creative intelligence, to complete and balance will-power, and love.

Many of today’s business people are smart, innovative and creative. They strive to constantly improve existing processes or rapidly actualize concrete ways to create new products and services. In my experience, even the smartest are currently using only a small part of the advanced mental faculties available today. To be a real visionary, what is needed is the integration of concrete and abstract thinking, with more conscience of the heart to discern options and intuitive faculties. This integration will make you a mental powerhouse.

How to Maximize The Use Of Your Mind?

To maximize your creative intelligence, you need to use your common sense with both your concrete mind, and your abstract mind. Many professionals currently use only their common sense, and concrete mind. The next step for humanity is to bring more vision and understanding through abstract thinking.

Your Abstract Mind and The Power of 'Why"

Philosophical, principle-based and subjective thinking belongs to the abstract mind. Today's generations are more equipped with this power. Many advanced children learn new things by asking “Why does this exist”? Questions like “What”? and “How”? exercise the concrete mind to accumulate knowledge and express the idea practically. When the point of interest is the “Why's”? of life, the abstract mental faculty is stimulated.


Use The Power of Your Immagination

The creativity of the abstract mind uses the power of imagination. Great artists use this.

It is a state of consciousness where ideas and futuristic concepts are found. That's why creative artists are more mentally flowing as compared to most engineers, whose minds can be more fixed and objective. When a person's abstract mind is already active, it can connect easily to the Earth's abstract realm through meditation, creative imagination or sleep when you get out-of-body. It contains the world of ideas and principles not usually known to the concrete mind. 


Listen to Master Del Pe's audio podcast and find out how you can become a mental powerhouse by developing your abstract mind, and using your imagination for creative problem solving.

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Angie Claire Life Expert e Spiritual Mentor,  Business Executive Coach, world-class expert on overcoming difficult situations and will-power development



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Life Expert e Spiritual Mentor,  Business Executive Coach, world-class expert on overcoming difficult situations and will-power development. Bio



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