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w 2020. COVID-19 CERTIFICATION. Specialist

ONLINE preventino and Energy Healing of  COIVD-19 cases. World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID)


w 2018. cleanLIFE™ Program. Specialist.

De-addicitions and rehabilitation program in 45 days. Integrated Advanced BEwell Science and Psychoenergetics Strategies. Dedicated website www.cleanlifeprogram.com


w 2017.  7 Cycles of Life. L3 Advanced

The incarnation process influences by parents, Country and City cycles; plus Sun, Constellations and Cosmic Events. To discover Who and What you are.


w 2016. DABSEM  Certification. Specialist.

Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Sleep problems Energy Management. Plus suicidal and aggressive tendencies.


w 2015. Healthy Smokers. Specialist.

Self-Management Practical Strategies to avoid the active and passive smoke collateral effects.


w 2015. Conflicts Resolution & Crisis Management. Specialist.

Self-Management Strategies. Emotions management during difficult moments. wiw-win solutions.


w 2015. ARNIS. Tecniche di difesa. L1. Facilitator.

Acquire the Right to Defende Ourselves. Phisical, Emotional and mental Self-Management Strategies.


w 2014. JLP - Jumpstart Leadership Program. Certified Business Executive Coach AILA.

B2B Entrepreneurship Strategies. Project Design & Management. Leadership Development. Communication. Negotiation. Team building. Corporate and Personal 7 Cycles management. Profiling 8 Types of Leaders, Collaborators, Clients and Competitors.


w 2014. BEwell Science™ Advanced. Senior Specialist & Trainer.

Advanced Energy Medicine Strategies addressing 5 levels of health. Healing the past. Balancing the present. Energizing the future.


w 2014. Divine Alchemy Advanced. Consultant, facilitator.

Training to balance design and develop the personal system.


w 2013. Psychic Powers Development.  Consultant, facilitator.

Specialized training on psychic powers development.


w 2012. Divine Alchemy L1 e L2.

Energetic system development and balance.


w 2011. 8 Types of Leaders. Trainer.

Profiling 8 Types of human temperaments, with their strengths and weakness, their preferred careers, and the lessons to learn in life.


w 2011. Conflicts Resolutions & Crisis Management x Executives. Specialist, Trainer.

Self-Management Strategies to maintain high professional quality performance during conflicts and crisis. Developing resilience and win-win solutions in the work environment. How to manage and overcome difficult situations.


w 2011. Maximize Performance. Specialist, Trainer.

Practical self-management strategies to fast release stress and fatigue, boost vitality, improve decision-making, focus and sleep quality. Self improve higher and not-stop growing, performance.


w 2011. AIGM Management. Specialist.

Practical self-management advance strategies to transform and avoid illusory perceptions, obsolete beliefs and crystallizations, to accelerate growth.


w 2011. 5 laws of Materialization and Manifestation Advanced. Specialist e Facilitator.

Study of universal laws and practical techniques to facilitate the manifestation of positive events and projects sustainability in personal and professional life.


w 2010. Amays™ - Aquarian Martial Arts Yoga Science. Specialist e Facilitator.

Physical strategies to develop willpower, manage emotions, improve order and structure, decision-making, and time management.


w 2010. Third Eye Development Advanced. Specialista Facilitator.

Advanced training to open up and to manifest the Best of Best in Career and Life Path, quickly developing 5 ascending levels of intellgence to see ahead of time and to take the best long terms decisions in life.


w 2010. JustBE d’Light™. Specialist, Trainer.

Practical mental strategies for aligning to the Highest Purpose in life.


w 2010. I 7 Cicli della Vita. Avanzato. Specialist, Facilitator.

How to calculate the right moments and to avoid the wrong ones to do important professional and life choices, according with the universal laws of timing.


w 2010. BEinshape™ Certification.  Specialist, Trainer.

Integrated strategies for custom personalized sessions, on 5 levels of health and  the main 5 key areas of life.


w 2010. PsychoEnergetics™. Specialist.

Specific strategies on psychoEnergetics complications treatment.


w 2010. Esoteryc Psycology™. Specialist.

Specific studies and strategies on the energy components of psychological and emotional distress.


w 2009. Third Eye L1. Specialist, Facilitator.

Training and practical techniques for structured development of higher levels of consciousness and to prepare the Third Eye construction.


w 2009. Life After Death. Specialist, Facilitator.

Life after death. The nature of inner worlds, process of incarnation and disincarnation, practical strategies to accompany the best death process.


w 2009. 8 Types of Children. Facilitator.

Profiling educational and communicative strategies dedicated to the 8 main psychological types of children and parents.


w 2009. 5 Laws of Manifestation & Abundance.  L1. Specialist, Facilitator.

Study and practical techniques to self-manage the 5 laws of manifestation in a secure way.


w 2009. BEwell Science l1 e L2. Specialist, Trainer.

Anatomy and energy physiology. Measurement Techniques. No-Touch and at-distance Healing Techniques on 5 Health Levels.

w 2009. JBA™ & Inner Renewal Meditation for Trainers Certification.

Communication, public speaking, group management for Trainers, leading the learning process of autonomous physical and mental complementary health strategies.


w 2009. Mantra and Sacred Sounds Science. Specialist, Facilitator

The Sanskrit meaning of mantras. Chanting techniques to manage the 7 balancing and healing chantrams for homes, offices, hospitals and other environments health, including personal energy systems health.


w 2009. 7 Cycles of Life L1.  Specialist, Trainer.

The universal laws of timing. Quality and functions of annual personal cycles. Basic and cross-based calculations.


w 2009. Divine Sexual Alchemy.

Sexual Energy Management Techniques for a Rich and Enlightened Sexual Life Supporting Growth.


w 2009. Wisdom Fengh-Shui. Specialist, Facilitator.

Health of the environments. Cardinal point functions. Guidelines. Blessings techniques. Arrangement of furnishings. Eliminating the clutter. Harmonization of spaces in relation to personal characteristics and rooms or activities functions, in order to develop the Life Quality, harmonize relationships and maximize performance and incom.

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