Here just an example of more of 200 programs offerd by BIHC and AILA. Most of them ONLINE also. You can book and do it at any time, in the comfort of your home or office. Let's talk via skype to find your best ones >

  • JustBE alive™ - Self-healing, anti-aging, revitalizing and rejuvanation program. 4Hs
  • JustBE free™ - Art and Science of Meditation. 4Hs
  • 7 Cycles of Life -  the rights and worst time to do important choices, in your professional and personal life. 6Hs
  • Mantric Yoga Science - Science of sounds to clean and have better home, offices, and relationships.
  • BEwell Science™ -  L1/L2 by invitation. Advanced self-healing techniques.



JustBE alive

Learn the complete 15 minutes sequence of bio-mechanical movements, breathing techniques and centering meditation. To quickly release stress and fatigue; increase vitality, have a better decision-making and sleep quality. This program also slows down the aging process, and balances your hormones.


It's the basic work to build your gratest life, with a lot of immedaite and medium terms benefits>


You will also learn how use srategical solutions to solve emergencies situations as: anxiety, imsonnia, and more.


Duration 4 h

Investiment : € 120


DVD available on order

JustBE free

Learn how to use 20 minutes and 40 minutes meditation to harmonize your life and get revitalized; Heal the past traumas and pains; Sharpen your mind; Overcome stress, fear, anger and guilt; Heal relationships; Aligne yourself to live your greatest life.

Release stress, anxiety, frustrations, anger, loneliness and grief. Negative habits and vices, confusion, traumas and pain. Life blockages.

Very good results on healing: insomnia, Hypertention, heart conditions, hyperactivity and aggressivity. It's very good  also during pregnancy.


4h/€ 120. You can also ask how to use the CD meditation for your best and then you can easily download it by Amazon and iTunes. Go to products > or contact us >


7 cycles of life


Learn the best timing to do your important choices in life and the worst time to do it. as an example; wedding, buy a new house, sign a contract and other significant events.

You will also learn how to calculate and cross the best cycles with your partner to get married (or to divorce), to open a society, to start a project, ect.


level 1 and L 2

ONLINE WORKSHOP. L1/€ 172 - L2/ € 215

chantrams of transformation

Learn how to use the right sounds to heal your system, your house and office. To improve relationships.


Any sound has vibrations that influence our personal system and the environment.

Facilitate your own and family, coworkers and colleagues health,  bringing the best vibrations in your home and office.


ONLINE workshop: € 172 .  You can book it at any time


CD available. 7 chantrams with Master Del Pe voice.

You can download the Chantrams on Amazon and iTunes. Go to the products page >

All the workshops are recorded and you can order the link to attend them in the comfort of your home or office, at your best time.

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