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Increase Vitality & Focus.  Improve your Decision - Making and Sleep Quality. Achieve Inner Peace Daily.

DABSEM™ Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Sleep disorders, Energy Management Strategies. 15 / 1h sessions

Tools to Feel Good even Under Pressure

Personal & Corporates Solutions. Certifications for Facilitators, Specialists & Trainers.

From this web site you can access to all the solutions offered by BIHC and AILA, included the Founder

What people say

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1 free consultation - DEPRESSION? WHAT?

"Since the day I met you my life has been better. I tought I was depressed, I felt no energy, deplited; until we talked and you taught  me the synchronized breathing. I was able to release anxiety and increase my vital energy going back to smile and be positive. thank you from my heart".

- D.R. Tourism Industry Employee


"The individual sessions with Angie allow "to go back on track", to reach very soon and then consolidate, a positive state of mind, free from excessive emotions (anxiety, anger, fear) and to face the day with inner strength, vital energy and determination , putting aside tiredness and submissiveness.Very few sessions are enough to achieve all this things changing themselves as "night versus day!"

- F.M. Prof. e PhD University of Pisa


"I started a path with you to fight and try to eliminate my 10 years of cocaine-addiction. I immediatly observed and felt a change, and after a several number of sessions I totally removed me from the substance. Thanking the exercises we did together, I slowly felt a physical and mental relief ... It is a method that I can truly recommend to those who have problems with substances addiction".

- G.B. Entrepreneur. Italy

Method & Tools


Our practical tools are effective and easy to learn. As an integration of the best of eastern knowledge with western pragmatic and scientific approach, they are a set of bio-mechanical movements, breathing and focusing techniques, synthesis martial arts and meditations, combined with Energy Science techniques (BEwell Science™) and Life-Mentoring. More


We have 2 main Organizations, plus 2 Institutes, to spread more than 200 programs in 12 Specialized Departements, globally, even ONLINE. Read more

about Angie

Life Expert & Spiritual Mentor, Angie is especially expert in overcoming difficult situations and Will-Power Development.

She was directly trained by Master Del Pe, to be now Certified Representative of BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) and American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA) in Europe. Read more



"I came back from the hell just to teach you how to get out of it".

- Angie


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