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According with the new EU regulation 2016/679 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) it is now mandatory to clearly and comprehensively specify, how personal data are processed. That's why this page is an addition to the privacy page that you find at the bottom of this website (Footer), as that concerns the policy of data processing implemented by, the platform with which this website was built. Find out more  on Jimdo privacy policy and cookies.

Personal Data Processing

Under the legal obligations, according with the nature of the contents and the services provided, it is my concern to maintain the utmost discretion. All informations and shared data are collected directly, treated strictly confidential and subject to the professional secrecy.


When you contact me via contact form, directly to the address, via sms, phone, through social media or others, the personal data you enter or provide directly, are processed only for the purpose of the service requested. Example: informations, communications, comments to articles, quotes, reservations, appointment requests, sessions, free advice, and more.


In case of online sessions involving Master Del Pe (designer of the applied method and with whom I collaborate in some cases), only the strictly necessary data will be shared with him and his personal secretariat, only for the purpose of providing the service, and only after agreeing with you.


 Your data will not be disclosed to third parties for any reason.

Monthly Newsletter

,At the bottom of any page of this website, there is a box to subscribe to the monthly newsletter, service for which this site uses the MailChimp platform. The subscription to the newsletter involves the use of personal data only for sending the newsletter (calendar, articles, special offers, free contributions). MailChimp uses personal data for the purpose of providing the service and for analyzing the performance, attractiveness and interest of the emails sent, to allow its users (Angie Claire in this case) to see how many people and those who interact with the received emails (ex: who opens them, who clicks on the contents, who unsubscribe from the mailing list). Find out more at MailChimp privacy policy (see section 3: Privacy for Contacts)


 At the bottom of every email sent with MailChimp you can UNSUBSCRIBE automatically, at any time.


NOTE. If you want to receive monthly updates without your data being analyzed by MailChimp, you can request the sending of direct emails from Angie Claire, by writing to me at

Blog Comments

Being under the new GDPR, If you wish to receive a reply to your comments in the blog articles please, insert your email address into the "website" box. Thanks. Your data will be processed only for the specific purpose. Angie Claire will not use them for any different purpose, promotion or mailing list, and she will not share with anyone.

Data Retention Time

The data released will be retained for the time necessary to provide the services.

Customers / users can request cancellation at any time writing at

Personal Data Holder

Angie Claire, as owner of and as specialist and trainer, supplier of the related services, is responsible for the collection and processing of personal data, in accordance with the European law.


In some cases, upon notice and with your informed consent, your personal data may be shared with Master Del Pe, through MDP BElife LLC, located in 4828 Travis St. Texas, Houston 77005, USA, in order to collaborate in the provision of services and for receiving payments.


For more info and communications write to Angie Claire at

Social Platforms and External links

This privacy policy is valid only and exclusively for the website. For all the other websites, or social platforms and apps accessible via this website, please, refer to the privacy policy of each.


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