Corporate Services

Tailor-made projects for your company. Training funded with inter-professional funds or self-financed. Self-management practical and autonomous strategies to improve quality of life and to develop advanced leadership qualities with immediate benefits

Wisdom in Leadership. Conscience in Entrepreneurship.


A progressive world created by enlightened leaders with a good heart, a sharp mind, sustainable power and wisdom, bringing balanced material success and spiritual development in humanity which leads to breakthrough global advancement.


  • To install conscience in entrepreneurship
  • To awaken wisdom in leadership
  • To cultivate the 5 levels of ascending intelligence in the 8 types of leaders.
  • To develop future leaders who will have a good heart, a sharp mind and sustainable power, embodying enlightened-leadership contributing to breakthrough global advancement.

Personal Mentoring Services & Training Curriculum

We, at the Wisdom Institute, are committed to serve our clients by applying the best of eastern wisdom and the most practical knowledge of the west through a plethora of customized programs, such as personal mentoring, intuitive readings, healing sessions and a comprehensive training curricula under the Self-Care, Self-Development and Self-Mastery.


-Master Del Pe. Founder and Master Mentor


Corporates Empowerment Project

3 Practical Self-Management Strategies to Boost Your Business, Be Smarter, Live Healthier, Feel Happier, Grow faster. You can receive our services even ONLINE, with immediate benefits.

A. 5 Leaders Intelligences

By easy developing all the following, and eventually 2 more levels of intelligence, you will naturally manifest all the related qualities, discovering unexpected higher solutions.

  1. Instinctive. Improve decision-making,  physical power, rhythm and timing, recharge vitality, reverse the aging process.
  2. Emotional. Sense of inner peace and joy, better relationships and satisfaction.
  3. Mental Concrete. Creative expression, objectivity, planning.
  4. Mental Abstract. Focus, will-power, vision, philosophical thought.
  5. Intuitive. Detachment, wisdom, universal love, intuition, spiritual power. 

It is like having a very good team in one person, bringing the highest value to you, and to everything you will touch in your life. The highest value investment you can ever do.

B. 5 Key Areas Balance

Spending 5 to 20 minutes 2 - 3 times weekly, by doing the basic Self-Management practical techniques, you will be naturally able to perform at your best. And when your energy is higher, you could even care about the main key areas in life, such as:

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Profession/ Career
  3. Health, Sport and Recreation
  4. Social Life and Social Contribution
  5. Spiritual Growth

We also have personalized services and several products to self-evaluate and balance the 5 key areas, to balance and fulfill your Life Path. 


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C. 8 Types of Leaders

Profiling the 8 Types of Leaders, Collaborators, Clients, Competitors, with their strengths and weakness, that is now the subject of a book, of workshops and training for leaders, executives, trainers, and anyone who deal with team, groups, and families, will give you the vision to better manage any relationships, such as: negotiation, marketing, customer-service, team-working, team-building, including conflicts resolution and crisis management. 

You will discover even their preferable careers, just looking at their main qualities, such as:

  1. Powerful
  2. Loving
  3. Entrepreneurial
  4. Artistic
  5. Scientific
  6. Missionary
  7. Ritualistic
  8. ... ?


Who is the most Enlightened?

Enlightened Leadership. Comparing the most iconic world leaders by Energy Scanning

Prepare a pen and paper!

just 3 minutes to do a self-evaluation test on the 3 pillars of Enlightened leadership. To be not just a leader, but a leader of leaders.

Then you will see a comparative analysis strategy of the most famous and emerging leaders among entrepreneurs, Speakers, Motivators, and Philanthropists, applying the energy scanning method of the BEwell Science system, the energetic anantomy and the Third Eye, by MAster Del Pe.

An illuminating video that introduces advanced self-management and self-mastery practical tools and training, for a process of growth beyond the highest expectations.

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