8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know


The Master Del Pe's 30 years research in over 100 countries, has led him to outline the detailed profile of 8 personalities types, that is now the subject of a book, of workshops and training for leaders, executives, trainers, parents, educators, psychologists, doctors, and anyone who deal with team, groups, and families, to better manage the personal and professional relationships, as: negatiation, marketing, customer-service, team-working, team-building, including conflicts resolution and crisis management. 

Let's do some examples

If you have to sell to the type 1, as may be George Bush, strong types that care about their reputation, you have to use different communication style and levers, versus Mother Teresa from Calcutta, who will be more sensitive to social issues.


And if you have to close a contract, the context pleasing to type 5 Albert Einstein, probably his studio, will be very different from the ideal context for the type 4 Oprah Winfrey, or Madonna, with whom you can conclude better during a light lunch or a party.

But please ... You dont' have to lie

The study of weaknesses and strengths of the 8 Types, with different communication styles, natural attitudes and preferences, including what they hate, serves as teaching and understanding, to harmonize and pursue unity through diversity.


The first step is the self-evaluation. So you'll be able to self-manage, smooth, integrate, and perform at your best. This is the key of future leaders.

Imagine ...

... for example, that you want to close a contract with a type 7, very neat and elegant. If you are a friendly type 4 guy, always late, and you invite the type 7 to your studio, with a thousand papers anywhere and your friends' pictures in the dossier (if you have them, the dossier), the odds of closing Contracts will already be blurred.


That's why it will be useful to you, to integrate in your team someone with the features of type 7 or 5, which will bring a bit of order into your life and studio, taking on some of your creativity and entertainment skills  :)


P.S. Types 5 and 7 don't like emoticons.

Then we have the integrated Types

And here the things become more complicated, because they bring together the characteristics, sometimes conflicting, of several types. At the same time they have a number of integrated qualities, enriching them and making them more advanced, and multi-tasking leaders.


Of course, much depends on what basic types they have. There is nothing positive or negative at all. Among these types are the most enlightened and rich philanthropists, and the most ruthless dictators.

And what about Corporates, Cities and Countries?

We can profile companies, cities, entire countries and geographical areas. This is useful, as an example: In anticipation of a transfer or for the opening of a branch. For the ideal location as the site for a new business. Yes, because we are not islands, the qualities of the areas where we live and work, affect everything that is contained.


Even to govern and to open a business, it would be good to know the most represented types of population in our own country. That's why we talk about beauty and creativity of Italy, Structure of Germany, Loving and Spiritual attitude of India, Discipline of Cina and Japan, and so much more qualities that we can profile.

Do you want to learn more? 

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Hoping this will be useful to you,


Best of life ahead! Angie :)

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