one - to - one sessions

Individual investment 


1 session: € 150   (1h30 minutes)

5 sessions: € 500           "

10 sessions: € 900          "


Discount for couples, families and team.


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Individual, couples, families and team personalized work (max 5 people)

5 to 10 sessions, online and via phone, to quicly balance your life, with immediate benefits.




Releasing stress and fatigue, to achieve inner peace daily; To live your sustainable higher life quality and to accelerate your growth. 


Having a better decision-making and more vitality, to be more productive; to be satisfied in your daily activities and to balance your life.  To slow down the aging-process.  


Increasing will-power and focus, to manage your emotions and to finish what you start.


Developing your hearth to live in peace and have more satisfying relationships. 


Developing Intutition, to be more detached, to be inspired from your Higher Self and to be aligned to your deep purpose in life.


And last but not least, you will work on releasing the bad collateral effects of the past blocks, to unblock your future.

At the end of the program you'll be able to self-manage a personalized sequence of practical techniques to substain your results and to achieve more, accelerating your growth.


You will be also able to assit your weight management.  


NOTE: You can also do personal and professional sessions directly with Master Del Pe. 

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