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new! BEYOND the DARK NIGHT of the SOUL

Countless advanced Soul humans, including old Soul children, are becoming endangered species under the hands and minds of modern science. They suffer from a psycho-spiritual disorder called the Dark Night Syndrome (DNS) which falls into the crevices of modern medicine and psychology. Challenging health and psychological conditions are triggered by the Soul subject to the law of karma, and imposed at predetermined ages and timings during the year.

Master Del Pe spells out loudly his international experience and research on the Soul's Dark Night applying his esoteric science expertise to heal numerous cases successfully.

This book also highlights:

A. The anatomy of human consciousness indicating the 3 layers of a person's auras and the 12 energy centers of the personality to be awakened.

B. The 3 seats of the Soul, where they are located and when the Soul arrives during the conception process.

C. The deeper study of the human Soul and its mechanism for self-mastery.

D. How one can get through the Dark Night of the Soul and pass the test of karmicpurification as part of the drama of enlightenment.

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Inner Powers


A so rich of contents groundbreaking guide with practical techniques to achieve Self-Mastery, applying Eastern Wisdom with Western Practicality not duplicated in any other book.

Learn over 30 techniques to develop 5 levels of intelligence on the 7 human levels available, included psychic powers, to maximize your mental potential. 

Learn Practical and easy techniques to balance your life and grow faster.



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From Success to Fulfillment


Practical strategies to balance the 5 key areas in life.

Self-valuation tests. Insights and how develop the main 8 virtues to make the difference in life and to achieve the excellence, mastering your life ahed of its times.

Is it possible to unfold the wisdom of an enlightened Master and equip yourself with the heart of Mother Teresa, the mind of Einstein, the will-power of Mahatma Gandhi and the financial freedom of a wealthy philanthropist?


iTunes € 16,99 > 


The 8 Types of  Leaders


This book helps you understand what motivates your customers, staff and competitors in any culture, country or market. It can benefit leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, diplomats, educators and even parents. Through his mentoring thousands of top executives and leaders, Master Del Pe has validated the profiles of 8 Types of Leaders, their 9 strengths, 9 weaknesses, 7 preferred careers, 4 greatest sources of pleasure and pain, and their 9 lessons to be learned in life.



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Hidden Dangers of Metation and Yoga


Master Del Pe, world meditation expert, master of achievable enlightenment techniques and teacher of Western wisdom philosophies, shares simple to advanced meditations that are safe, effective and synthesized from his training with 4 enlightened masters from Asia and the Himalayas to help you live healthier, be happier, work smarter and grow faster.






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Amazon € 13,74 >



Aquarian invocation


Discover the deepest secrets of world history and path:
Who was the teacher of Lord Buddha and Christ?

How did the Venusian Avatars change the destiny of the Earth 16.5 million years ago?

How and when did Atlantis and Lemuria sink? How did the civilizations of Toltecs, Mayans, Hindus, Iranians, Arabians, Teutonics, Keltics, Semitesand Aryans spread? If the moon was Earth then how did we get here? And much more...



iTunes € 19,99 >

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Practical manual for those who want to experience a quantum leap of consciousness and aspire to master life way ahead of its time with less suffering.

How grow and serve to live a new enlighteted life.

It spells out why the world needs a new universal philosophy to solve the more complex problems by applying the best of Eastern Wisdom and Western Practicality.

What and how bring and apply the 7 pillars to celebrate life daily.


iTunes € 19,99 >


The Third Eye 


This book reveales diagrams and related spiritual technology on the uses of the Third Eye as a tool to accelerate the Highest intuititive intelligence development. It is based on more than two decades of Master Del Pe's original research, experimentation, personal experiences and training with 4 enlightened Masters from the East.



iTunes € 19,99 >

Amazon € 16, 17 >





Higher Science of Longevity


A complete handbook to live younger, feel good, reverse your aging and extend your youthful life applying the secrets of Supercentenarians and Asian Masters.

Master Del Pe has integrated in this book the practical wisdom from his immortal yogi mentor, aged 400+, and his 3 other Asian mentors with the wealth of knowledge from his 30 years research on supercentenarians.



iTunes $ 14,99 >

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JustBE alive


Complete 15 minutes sequence of bio-mechanical movements, breathing techniques and centering meditation. To quickly release stress and fatigue; increase vitality, have a better decision-making and sleep quality.

It's the basic work to build a better life, with a lot of benefits


DVD   € 30 


JustBE aligned


15 minutes program: 12 minutes standing meditation, plus 7-step Martial Arts-Yoga to align yourself, balance your material and spiritual life, to increase inner power. 


DVD   € 15


WIll-POWER Development Program


13-steps program to boost power, focus and discipline. Increase energy and stamina, boost phisical performance.

Will-power is one of the most important quality to overcome difficult situations and finish what you start. 

Duration: 34' 52"


DVD   € 35


JustBE free


20 minutes meditation to release stress, anxiety, frustrations, anger, loneliness and grief. Negative habits and vices, confusion, traumas nad pain. Life blockages.

Very good results on healing: insomnia, Hypertention, heart conditions, hyperactivity and aggressivity. Very god  also for pregnancy.


CD   € 12


Amazon € 8,99 >

iTunes € 9,99 >



Inner Renewal Meditation


40 minutes meditation to harmonize your life and get revitalized; Heal the past traumas and pains; Sharpen your mind; Overcome stress, fear, anger nad guilt; Heal relationships; Aligne urself to live your greatest life.


Read more benefits


CD   € 20


Amazon € 8,99 >

iTunes € 9,99 >


Chantrams of Transformation


30 minutes chanted mantras to heal and balance the human system and the environment.

7 specific chantrams to raise the frequency of your home and office.

Much important to decrease the environmental congestions in sensitive places  like: Hospitals, surgery rooms, and more.


CD   € 20


Amazon € 8,99 >

iTunes € 6,93 >


Namascar Meditation


30 minutes meditation to align yourself to your Soul and to your deeper meaning in life.

To develop intuition, wisdom, universal love, detachement and creative intelligence.

To live sense of unity and stillness.


CD   € 15


Amazon € 8,99 >

iTunes € 9,99 >


Divine Alchemy L1


42 minutes mediatation to develop and balance your main 15 power centers.

To live a balanced and healtier life and to grow faster.

Every time that you nurture and balance your centers, you can live immediate sense of well-being.


CD   € 30


Amazon, 6,45 >

iTunes € 9,99 >

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