Tele-healing with Master Del Pe

Monthly ONLINE Service. You will receive the broadcast link to repeat it until the next one.

Improve the quality of your daily life, quickly release stress and fatigue 😫, increase vitality 😄, achieve inner calm and peace of mind daily 🥰, sleep well and wake up rested 💪 

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Special Discount March 10th, 2019

  • 1 time USD 125 vs. 150 usd
  • 3 times USD 300 vs, 450 usd
  • 6 times USD 600 vs. 900 usd


Give the gift of healing relationships to your partner, family and friends. 

Deepen your connection with your loved ones, Release conflicts, Discover why emotional issues and negative attitudes can affect the heart. Master Del Pe and the team of international specialists will use energy management techniques to help let go of the past and energize a positive future.