Monthly Telehealing with Master Del Pe

Practical Self-Management Healing Strategies

Experience the immediate benefits on releasing stress and fatigue, increase vitality, focus, detachment, decision-making, achieving inner peace and calm, in 1 hour and 30 minutes of interaction with Master Del Pe, online.


REGAIN YOUR LIFE! Do not wait for vacation, do not wait for your children to grow up, do not wait for the day when ..., do not wait to retire. You can significantly improve the quality of your life now, as well your ability to respond to any type of unaxpected event.


You have my word. I came back from hell with this.  



July 7 - Can not you attend to the Live Online Session at 10 pm to 11.30 pm?

(Any timings given are Philippine time. Please, check your zone at the Time Zone Converter)


The BEwell Science™ Healing System designed by Master Del Pe, works even at time distance. That's why any registered person will receive the recorded link, to repeat it several times, for a month.  So you will increase the BENEFITS and you will learn the practical Self-Management Techniques.

INVESTMENT: 150 US dollars 

  • Discount for 3 months package = 350 US dollars
  • Discount for 6 months package = 600 US dollars



  • Each case is healed individually, even if in group online connection. 
  • The rebroadcast link will be sent to you in order to repeat the sessions at any time, for a month. 

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Master Del Pe Presents Telehealing

In this 3 minutes video Master Del Pe shares the contents on BEwell Science Energy Healing Distance System he designed, to address many health conditions, in a natural way.  And how to manage 5 levels of health (phisical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual) balancing your life, by doing simple and practical Self-Management Strategies, in 5 up to 20 minutes, 2 - 3 times weekly.