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5 Sessions - Panic and Anxiety attacks

"Happy for having undertaken these short but intense 5 sessions with Angie. I was able, thanks to the use of breathing techniques, exercises and meditation, to be able to more consciously control my constant attacks of anxiety and panic, which occurred daily. The management of emotions had completely escaped me, and I could no longer live peacefully.


Knowing Angie, she led me to find tools, unknown to me until now, but with immediate and tangible powers, from the first sessions.


Describing this experience is always difficult to put into words.  Everyone  should know those feelings, whatever personal problems or not, each one can have.


There is still a lot of skepticism when I talk about what I experienced and it would be nice to be able to expand these feelings of emotional well-being ... that I received in the forefront knowing Angie. She has an incredible positive impact and I will cherish this opportunity to change my way of interacting and seeing the world, as she taught me".

- E.. S.. Wellness Operator. Italy

One 20 minutes free consultation - DEPRESSION? WHAT?

"Since the day I met you my life has been better. I tought I was depressed, I felt no energy, deplited; until we talked and you taught  me the synchronized breathing. I was able to release anxiety and increase my vital energy going back to smile and be positive. thank you from my heart".


- D.R. Tourism Industry Employee. Italy

3 Times - Positivity, Determination and Vitality.

"The individual sessions with Angie allow "to go back on track", to reach very soon and then consolidate, a positive state of mind, free from excessive emotions (anxiety, anger, fear) and to face the day with inner strength, vital energy and determination , putting aside tiredness and submissiveness.Very few sessions are enough to achieve all this things changing themselves as "night versus day!"


- F.M. Prof. e PhD University of Pisa. Italy

14 online sessions - Stop to cocaine addiction

"I started a path with you to fight and try to eliminate my 10 years of cocaine-addiction. I immediatly observed and felt a change, and after a several number of sessions I totally removed me from the substance. Thanking the exercises we did together, I slowly felt a physical and mental relief ... It is a method that I can truly recommend to those who have problems with substances addiction".


- G.B. Entrepreneur. Italy

5 Times - Better fibromyalgia management

"Before starting the sessions I felt exhausted, overwhelmed by thinking about the things I had to do every day, with aching legs because of fibromyalgia. I felt like I lost a part of me. The first meeting was beautiful, I felt perfectly that I was "re-centered", I felt relieved, lighter. The legs have begun to answer: following the movements that my mind could see figuratively ... read more


- R.B. University of Pisa. Italy

2 times - Stress management and better relationships

"I arrived at the meeting physically very tired and stressed out from work. I asked her to work on the relationship with my mother and with my teenage son. Two focal points in this moment of my life. After the initial physical exercises I immediately began to feel a sense of relief and well-being. At the end of the session I felt much stronger. I immediately felt a benefit and also my son, who showed immediate changes in mood and relationship".

G.P. Sales & Marketing Manager. Spain

5 times - From skeptic to serenity, will-power and vitality

"Despite the skepticism I did a test session, I went home feeling strange, somewhat incredulously sensations that I was living with a deep serenity that I have been forgotten for a long time. I observed some changes start and feeling lightness.


 2nd meeting


Although I felt as a fool doing the physical and meditative exercises with Angie ... read more


F.G. Real Estate Agent. Italy

2 times - So fast strength and vitality

"I had the pleasure to experience this fantastic method twice, through the support of Angie Claire Testai. I practice meditation and other disciplines for several years, but the vitality, enthusiasm and strength that I tried doing the experiences with this system, I've never experienced so fast before. I'm happy that I approached this method and I would recommend it to anyone who wants empower itself psychologically and emotionally!"


- G.d.F. Marketing Director. Italy

1 free consultation - Better anxiety management

"... You showed us some relaxation techniques to control stress, exercises that could seem funny at the beginning, but as we did them, we start to feel the benefits. It was very important for me, because I suffer from anxiety due to a long period of hospitalization, more than 1 year ago, when I was saved of urgency cause various health problems. It was a beautiful and intense experience because after that night I faced the long return trip to my town without stress. Still now, when I'm under stress I do the exercises recommended by you and I must say that they help me so much, since I had tried everything. I should add that I am a very sensitive person and many times my emotions can play tricks, but thanks to you, now, I feel much better ... "

- C. G. S.  Voyage Customer Care. Spain

5 minutes exercises daily - Bye bad emotions. Welcome vitality

"I began to repeat the exercises by myself, occasionally, just to try, in the limited time I have.

I noticed beneficial effects, and these have prompted me to step up, until I get to do the exercises every morning (I can't start my day without it).


After a few months, I left anxiety, pessimism, negative emotions, irritability and impatience; and I feel physically very good and tonic also".


- F.M. Prof. e PhD University of Pisa. Italy

1 online session - Exercises work as panic management

"I did 1 free session with Angie and she suggested me some exercises to do daily, in the morning and evening. She was very helpful and kind.

I was suffering from panic attacks and I was desperate, I couldn't resist more, because they were conditioning my entire life.

It 's almost a month I'm doing everything she advised me, and I hve to say that panic attacks are less frequent and however more manageable.

Now I'm able to quickly stop that frequent chatter and to be much more peaceful.".


- S.R. Employee. Italy

cleanLIFE™ program Official Research. Video - Testimonials

45 days - Stop to drugs/alcohol -addiction and violence

Testimonials after the end of the 45 days cleanLIFE anti-addictions and rehabilitation program, with a 58 people group of drugs-addicts and pushers. 


96,5% cases resolved. The official research is available, on demand.

 - Drugs addicts, pushers, family members. Bauko Province. Philippines

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