...  I decided to continue, and it was great because even after that second meeting I went back home much calm and internally empowerd.



3rd meeting

I began to find pleasure in doing physical exercises, feeling each time less stupid, almost as if I really knew what I was doing; in meditation I still have the feeling of having difficulty in letting go, but the effects are tangible and every time better.

After the meeting I always feel very relaxed but much stronger.



4th meeting

We did the physical exercises outdoor facing the sun and the outdoors standing meditation, also.

The exercises really involved me. I really put so much effort feeling excellent benefits.

The standing meditation has tested my physical stamina, but it was perhaps the most effective of all without a doubt; So beautiful, to try again.


After every meeting I feel like I have more desire to do things, and greater internal balance that comes and goes, but also if occasionally it goes, my journey continues.



5th meeting

It's a pleasure to go to my appointment. I really feel  the desire to do exercises and meditation, each time after the meeting I feel that my balance improves.

I still have far to go, but I'm liking it: the breathing techniques that Angie is teaching me,  the physical exercises and meditation are really changing my life. I feel it when I breathe, although if I still have some difficulties. 




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