From this website you can access to more than 200 programs offered by BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) and American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA), included online services with the Founder, through:

  • One-To-One Online Sessions.
  • Workshops. Online live, and recorded workshops.
  • Weekends. Welness and Training combined programs.
  • Retreats. 1 -2 weeks international retreats with Master Del Pe.
  • Professional Training to get certifications for Facilitators, Specialists and Trainers.
  • Products. Books, CDs and DVDs, on Amazon e iTunes, also.
  • Consultations. Online free consultations and Life or Business consultations on specific topics.


One-To-One Sessions

Generally 5 to 10 online sessions, 1 hour each. You'll get IMMEDIATE BENEFITS and practical self-management strategies.


ONLINE or in person, you can even order recorded online workshop, on demand, to do in the comfort of your home or office. 

Training & Wellness Weekends

2-3- days in mini-retreat formula in Spa Hotel or dedicated locations,  including workshops, Lectures, Exercises and meditations, aquatic bodywork.


One or 2 weeks with Master Del Pe, in the MDP Village Retreats Resort, on the Philippine Mountains. Topics: Longevity, Enlightenment, Third Eye Initiation, & more.

Books. CDs. DVDs

Books with exclusive contents to study and go deeper on Master Del Pe teachings. CDs & DVDs to achieve the self-mastery on practical techniques.


30 minutes free online consultation and specialistic personal, professionali and corporates, online & in house consulting.

Professional Training

Certifications for Facilitators, Specialists & Trainers

  • Do you want work with us?
  • Do you want integrate new tools to facilitate your work with clients? 
  • Do you want aquire professional self-healing and growth tools? 

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