Starting from this selection you can access to every solutions from BIHC (BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness) and AILA (American Institute for Leadership Advancement). We offer more than 200 programs in 12 Departments of Specialization, included the Founder, Master Del Pe, live and online services.



Most of our services can be done online, also. Live or recorded.

Every recorded workshop can be ordered to attend at your time, in the comfort of your home or ofiice.

one -to -one ONLINE Sessions

Starting from 5 to 10 sessions online. With immediate benefits and autonomous techniques.  


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Smoking doesn't mean that you cannot be healthty. Give me just 5 to 10 sessions, online, to reduce the collateral effects of active and passive smoking, and to teach you self-management exercises to sustain your health.


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weekend & retreats

Week-end in SPA or in dedicated locations. Package of workshops, group sessions, aquatic body work, lectures and wellness treatments. 

Dedicated Retreats in the MDP Village Resort in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.




online workshops

Here a selection of more than 200 programs. Most of them are recorded. So, you can order and  do them at any time, in the comfort of your home or office.


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