Professional Training

Certifications for Facilitators, Specialists and  Trainers.

  • Do you want work with us?
  • Do you want integrate new tools to facilitate your work with clients? 
  • Do you want aquire professional self-healing and growth tools? 

We offer more than 200 programs in 12 specialization departments, through 2 Institutes:

How to start?

Here you can find the Must-Have, from wich you can start and immediatly make a big difference, even using these alone. During the training you'll directly experiment the immediate benefits, by your own application of BEwell Science System.

JustBE alive™

Learn the complete 15 minutes sequence of bio-mechanical movements, breathing techniques and centering meditation. To quickly release stress and fatigue; increase vitality, have a better decision-making and sleep quality. This program also slows down the aging process. It has immediate Benefits


JustBE free™

20 minutes and 40 minutes meditation to harmonize and live inner peace daily.

Release stress, anxiety, frustrations, anger, loneliness and grief. Negative habits and vices, confusion, traumas and pain. Life blockages.


BEwell Science™

No Touch & Distance Healing System. To Heal the past, Transform the present and Energize the future. 

  • Basic: 1 day + 3 online follow-up
  • Intermediate: 2 days + 3 follow-up

BEinshape™ Certification

To work as a Certified Professional, here is our 6 months Certification Curriculum. You can do it ONLINE and in person, going to MDP Village, in Philippines.

The BEinshape™ Resque Level Certification will enable participants to:

  1. Teach JustBE free™ + JustBE alive™   
  2. Heal clients using BEwell Science™ Intermediate techniques
  3. facilitate some more video training programs


 Required Training Programs

  • JustBE free™.  4h
  • JustBE alive™. 4h
  • BEwell Science™  Basic. 1 day + 3 follow up
  • BEwell Science™ Intermediate. 2 day online program + 3 follow up
  • 7 Cycles of Life Basic. 1 day
  • Maximize Your Performance to Balance Your Life. 1 day online program
  • 8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know. 1 day online program
  • Esoteric Psychology - Level 1. 1 day online program
  • Certification. 4 days program


Healing Cases:

Submit 10 successful healing cases: 

  • 5 cases done alone
  • 5 cases done jointly with a senior healer or with Master Del Pe.

 Each case requires a minimum of 5 sessions. So, 10 cases = minimum 50 sessions. 

Other Certifications

Here some useful certifications and professional exclusive contents.


Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Sleep problems Energy Management. As Specialists we can generally resolve in 14 of 1 hour online sessions.


Anti-addiction and rehabilitation program. We have the official research available, on a group of 58 people, drugs-addicts and pushers, resolving addiction and its collateral effects, just in 45 days. For individual it generaly needs 21 sessions. More

Conflicts Resolution ...

... & Crisis Management

Energy Science Strategies to avoid the side effects of conflicts. To eliminate the root cause effects. To find win-win solutions. To manage emotions, develop detachment and resilience during the difficult times.

The 7 Cycles of Life

Understand the best time to do  important choices in life and how avoid the worst ones.  as for wedding, buy a new house, sign a contract and other significant events.

How to calculate and cross the cycles of more memebers, corporates, areas. More

8 Types of Leaders

Profiling the 8 types of personalities, with their main strengths and weaknesses, preferred careers, main pleasures and pains, related to international Leaders from politics, business, science, art and media. More

Higher Science of Longevity

To reverse the aging process and live healthier and longer, extending a youthful life, applying the secrets of Supercentenarians and Asian Masters.

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