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April 24 - 30


May 2 | Sunday

10 pm - 11.30 pm PHT

Tele-Healing with MDP + Team

Healing every aspect of life to to improve your health at 5 level: Physical, vital, emotional, mental, Spiritual + financial + relationships and karmic.

150 USD | MORE

May 3 | Monday

9 pm - 10 pm in Italy

Video Live with Angie Claire

on different topics, plus Q&A and meditation. 

It is in Italian, but you can organize one group in your language, with translation.

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May 11 | Tuesday

9 pm - 10.30 pm in Italy

Gruppiling with Angie Claire

To address every aspect of life by applying self healing plus Distance Healing practical strategies. Including exercises and self-healing meditation.


available recorded

Video & Social

You can find many video contribute and lectures on 



Master Del Pe Channel 



Master Del Pe



Heal Your Past 


Learn practical techniques to free oneself from the karma and suffering brought by our current and past life. Know when to have closure in any relationship. Get introduced to advanced healing tools for neutralizing karma.



Sustainable Success During Failing Times 

Define your new meaning for success and the possible formula to make it sustainable also during failing times. Evaluate what are the universally applicable new fundamentals for you to be sustainably successful.



Will Power Development

Learn about the nature of Will-Power and understand the Trinity of Excellence. Discover the relationship of Will-Power, Behavior and Personal Performance. Explore how Will-Power can help you overcome obstacles or crisis in life.

200 USD | PART 1 + PART 2

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