Immediate Benefits

Here some of the immediate benefits by doing 5 to 20 minutes practical techniques

  • Release stress, fatigue and bad emotions
  • Increase vitality. Improve decision-making
  • Increase  will power and focus
  • Develop dispassion and inner peace
  • Manage and develop higher emotions and mental clarity
  • Improve the sleeping quality and avoid the jat leg effects
  • Enjoy a positive presence and joints fluency


With regular practice we also observe:

  • Reversing the aging processes
  • Prevention of physical, vital, emotional and mental health
  • Resistance and Resilience skills and proactive approach to difficult situations
  • Reinforcing of the immune system and better relationships
  • Development of 5 ascending levels of intelligence (Instinctive, Emotional, Concrete, Abstract, Intuitive). See below.

How 5 Ascending Levels of Intelligence Can Improve Your Life

Just a 15 minutes sequence to quickly open up higher level of consciousness, improving your qualities and life skills, as an example:


  • Instinctive - Rhythm and Timing. It improves a better decision-making to take quick decisions at the right time and to immediately execute them, increases and supports the vital energy. One of the secrets of sustainable anti-aging and longevity
  • Emotional - Heart and Immune System. To live sense of peace and satisfaction in the workplace and at home, it improves the ability of team-working and team-building, develops empathy, inclusiveness and acceptance. Boosts the immune system.
  • Concrete - Projectuality and Analytical Mind. Increases the detailed logical analysis skills and a structured schedule and the capability to create sequences. it improves communication and expressive skills. Regulating weigth and metabolism.
  • Abstract - Vision and Focus. It allows the vision of the big picture and the ability to focus on the end game, increasing the mental will-power and the ability to synthesize the experiences into guidelines and paradigms.
  • Intuitive - The North Star. It stimulates precursor and intuitive thoughts to be inspired at the highest level and to make the best choices to avoid crisis, and to plan the longest term projects. It develops intuition, wisdom, universal love and dispassion.

Here a blog article on 5 Intelligences for Future Highest Leaders

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