Is Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) Real?


with Master Del Pe,

Modern Sage, Spiritual Mentor, Global Expert on Energy Science.


What happens when we get out of the body? How does it work? What is its process and sequence? Who is entitled to an out-of-body experience (OBE)? How is OBE experienced during meditation, sleep, and even in death? 


What is OBE?

OBE is when our consciousness teleports out of the physical plane to the emotional and mental planes. Our body and brain stay in bed during sleep, while our emotional and mental auras expand and exit through different chakras or portals of consciousness.

How do we get out of body?


There are 3 portals of exit for an out-of-body experience:


  • Those who experience nightmares, fears, anger or violence generally exit from the solar plexus chakra (in the stomach area), the portal that connects us to the lower worlds.
  • Spiritual and saintly people generally exit from their crown chakra (at the top of the head) that connects them to their soul and heavenly planes.
  • Mental people generally exit from the ajna (or mid-brow) chakra that connects them to the mental plane.

Is OBE for Everyone?




OBE is real. It is experienced by everyone, not only by meditators, yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers or space cadets. It is experienced by young and old alike, by babies and even by animals. It happens to all of us when we sleep.

OBE during Sleep

During sleep, we visit different realms or inner worlds when our consciousness ejects from the physical body and brain. There are 5 stages of sleep we can experience - Stage 1, shallow sleep; Stage 2, deeper than waking up easily and, Stage 3, harder to wake up. Stage 4, deep slumber generally happens for 10-15 minutes after midnight when we construct our body tissues, refurbish our consciousness, rest our mind, stabilize our emotions and feel rejuvenated. Stage 5 is the Rapid Eye Movement or REM stage, a dream state when we function as active citizens of the inner world.


We channel high ideas, rejuvenate and resuscitate our consciousness then. Our brain cannot interpret our experiences here as it is not equipped to download or remember them.

Those with sleep issues are invited to inquire about a HEAL Plan on Sleep Disorders at our World Institute for Incurable Diseases - a package of energy healing science sessions plus an array of life coaching and mentoring services. 

OBE during Meditation

When we meditate, our chakras become more open, and our consciousness goes into a contemplative state where we start to go out of body and expand. The only difference is that the meditator can do it at will without sleeping at night.


When we meditate a lot, it is easy to get out of body as our crown and heart chakras are open and we have a more refined frequency.


We can go to higher realms of consciousness more rapidly and easily than during normal sleep. We often reach ‘samadhi’ or ‘nirvana’, inner contemplative states of stillness and bliss that are beyond the brain and the mind’s comprehension.


Masters and higher Beings can be found here. We can tap into higher knowledge, ideas, intuition, wisdom and download them from these inner realms.

OBE during Death

There are different stages in the dying process. When we leave our physical body, the vitality aura disintegrates, and we go and live in the emotional or the mental planedepending on our polarity and development. Afterwards we die from the emotional and mental realms and experience ‘nirvana’ when we no longer have a physical aura, emotions or mind, and are inactive at the personality or ego level. When we are dead at these levels, we are born at the higher level of the soul.


When humanity learns the processes and sequences of OBE, they will learn how to go into the inner world, channel the highest ideas possible for our development, download them and bring them back. They will also not be afraid to die. When they are ready to die, they will leave their physical bodies consciously like advanced Masters and Gurus who die at will. 

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