How Win on Addictions in 45 Days with Energy Medicine

In few days we'll launch the new website dedicated to the ONLINE resolution of addictions and their side effects. Thanks to Master Del Pe and his cleanLIFE™, anti-addictions and rehabilitation program, which has proven to solve drug and alcohol addictions, in just 45 days.


Every form of addiction takes away the lives of those who are  its victims, and their families, too. Because of the difficulty to overcome addicitions, and the sense of guilt, people become  corruptible and blackmailed. Therefore addictions are as a cancer of society, and lately they are becoming a real danger.





Let's give a look to the problem



The collateral effects of addictions, especially drugs and alcohol, are underestimated, and we are already seeing their consequences through the increasing violence.


Drugs and alcohol, after the first glimmer and exciting effects, affect the ability to think, to self-manage and perform, breaking down vitality and decision-making, bringing nightmares and sleep problems. Negating all the promises for wich people use them.


But what is most dangerous, is that people can even lose their self-awareness. The consequence of this condition, are the explosions of uncontrolled violence to which we are more and more exposed, in which the bestial nature manifests itself without veils. In other words, they open the gates of hell




Oh, it sounds apocalyptic, right?


Yes, that's true. 


But there are times when we are forced to look at things in the face, to shake ourselves from the torpor that makes people as unarmed observers, to move forward, searching for new effective solutions.






Yes! The improvement opportunities that can born from problems. And the good news, as anticipated at the beginning, is that It is possible to regain people life, by disfiguring addictions and their side effects, growing and growing so much better, by developing qualities that allow to self-manage, to increase performance, to develop higher and better emotions, thoughts and decision-making skills, having better relationships and sleep quality, in a natural way, by integrating practical and immediate self-management tools.



I have personally tested this method with an entrepreneur who could not free himself from a cocaine addiction, that lasted for 10 years.




Here his words after 14 online sessions program 


" I started a path with you to fight and try to eliminate my 10 years of cocaine-addiction. I immediatly observed and felt a change, and after a several number of sessions I totally removed me from the substance. Thanking the exercises we did together, I slowly felt a physical and mental relief ... It is a method that I can truly recommend to those who have problems with substances addiction."


- G.B. Entrepreneur, Italiy.





That's incredible right?


Fortunately, nowadays there are incredibly nice things to balance the bad ones!


Also comforted by the research results.


The study took place on a project held at the end of 2016, with a group of 58 people, in collaboration with the Administration of Baku, in the Philippines. The results of the research, from which it is possible to download the summary, indicate as resolved 96.5% of cases, in 45 days.

Documento Adobe Acrobat 179.5 KB

video testimonials

Here the video testimonials of participants on 45 days cleanLIFE™ program in Philipinnes, and their familiy members. 

These tools are very effective even in a preventive way, with practical self-management strategies that spontaneously develop the qualities  to avoid the desire for substances and alcohol.


They can make the work of anti-addictions centers easier and faster, even supporting health workers and families.


For more details and info write to angiec@mdpbelife.com >


See you soon to discover the beauty and the opportunities behind limits. No cloud lasts forever!


Angie :)

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