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Develop Your Creative Intelligence to Become a Mental PowerHouse
English Blog · 06. agosto 2021
The Triangle of Success and Realization requires the third element of creative intelligence, to complete and balance willpower and love. The integration of the intuitive faculties will make you a mental powerhouse. It will allow you to see ahead to prevent crises and to resolve them over the linear mind that created them.
YES & NO of Effective COVID-19 Prevention ...
English Blog · 02. settembre 2020
YES and NO of lifestyle to prevent COVID-19 from the point of view of Energy Science with which even cases of COVID-19 are successfully and remotely treated, from asymptomatic to severe.

Are you ready for Earth Changes?
English Blog · 03. luglio 2020
We are facing big Global Changes through a Positive Destructive phase on Earth to reconstruct. Why? What can we expect next? Where are the best and the worst places on Earth to live? Survival Tips and how to be prepared in order to navigate the next challenging times. The book, Aquarian Revolution.
24. luglio 2018
Chi mi conosce sa che sono esperta nel superamento di situazioni difficili, e sa che "sono tornata dall'inferno per insegnarti come uscirne". Master Del Pe, l'autore del video che trovi qui, ha dato un notevole contributo, proprio aiutandomi a fare le 4 cose che nessuno fa in situazioni difficili. 1 minuto e 53 secondi, in cui Master Del Pe spiega quali sono e ti invita a farle grazie ad un WEBINAR GRATUITO. Non è mai stato così facile, e un motivo ci sarà.

English Blog · 29. luglio 2017
Strengths and weaknesses, preferred careers and more of 8 Types of Leaders, to open up the best negotiation, communication, HR management, team building, customer service, and relationships