YES & NO of Effective COVID-19 Prevention ...

... According to Energy Science 


Energy Science defines Good Health as not only the absence of diseases but also the total wellbeing of the physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual life of people.

When the WHO was founded in 1948, it gave a similar definition of health:


From the Official Paper of the "Constitution of World Health Organization"


"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not  merely absence of disease or infirmity"

Even if in 1948 the emotional conditions were not contemplated, in recent years, and especially with the pandemic lockdown, the sale of anxiolytics has grown a lot. Anxiety, fear, anger and so, are emotions. They are the lower ones,  and very different from the sense of peace, calm, satisfaction, love, inclusion, and joy, which are the higher emotions.


To talk about HEALTH it is therefore necessary to take care of the various aspects of our nature, including lifestyle.

Prevent COVID-19

To deal on preventing/healing COVID-19 as we do with Energy Science, it is necessary to keep in mind:


A. The 5 levels of health, and their mutual influences:


  1. Physical Health
  2. Vital Health
  3. Emotional Health
  4. Mental Health
  5. Spiritual Health (or Alignment)

B. Lifestyle in its 5 key areas: family and friends | job, career | health, sport, leisure | social contribution | spiritual growth. If they are not balanced, life will invite us to balance in a more or less gentle way.


C. The karmic implications according to the universal laws of Equity and Justice, whereby we reap today what was sown in the past of this life, from the ancestors, and in previous lives.


D. The Human Energy System, which regulates all the physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions of our being.


Human Energy System

Health and inner growth, the different levels of intelligence, the quality of our thoughts and emotions, metabolism, voice, every blink of eyes ... all functions and processes depend on the condition, functioning, and health of our Energy System, that is a set of components regulating the physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual processes of our being. 



Basically we have:

  • 15 MAIN Energy Centers (chakras) at 3 frequency levels each + MINOR centers + MINI centers
  • 3 Energy Bodies at 7 frequency levels each (Auras)
  • 2 Energy Filters, located between the vital energy bodies-emotional, and emotional-mental
  • Energy Channels (Meridians)
  • Spiritual Cable of Light (Sushumna, Antakarana) at 49 levels
  • 1 Soul, with 3 anchors: physical (heart), higher emotional (solar plexus), and mental (head center) 
  • 1 Spirit (Monad)

The Science of Energy Healing deals with these components for the transformation of health conditions even in cases of serious illnesses or those that do not respond to medical treatments, including COVID-19. This is possible because the Soul and the Divine substance are also in the process. 



A healthy energy system is the first invisible barrier against pathogens and viruses, and thanks to targeted preventive actions that balance it, the immune system and the quality of its efficiency are also strengthened.


The Immune System Health as Seen by Energy Science

The IMMUNE SYSTEM has the task of intercepting, tracking down and destroying any internal and external threat to our health. Its effectiveness depends on the health of its many components, including the tonsils, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, Peyer's patches (intestines), appendix, lymphatic system, lymph nodes, and more.



These organs are involved in various ways as filters, in the creation, growth, and management of the cells that make up our defensive army, and in all the processes  needed for its functioning.


(PIC: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/immune-system)

For the Immune System to function well, the energy centers that regulate it must be healthy, balanced, well connected, and active at the 3 levels. Otherwise could be manifest dinsfunctions altering the defensive processes.




The Thymus is the coordinator of the Immune System, and is regulated by the Heart Energy Center.

If this center does not function well due to prolonged stress, anxiety, anger, grief, or guilt, the Thymus would suffer, and could prepare insufficient defenses, or create excess of defenses, or to attack itself, as in autoimmune diseases. 


Or if the vital center does not work and the person is in burnout or overfatigued, the Peyer's patches couldn't produce the right quality and quantity of T-cells, as well as for the B-cells coming from the bone marrow, in case of a sedentary life.


This is just one example on how living conditions that are widespread today, such as anxiety, fatigue, and a sedentary lifestyle, come directly into play in prevention, or in opening the doors to disease.


Karmic Implications

Karma is the Law of universal laws, working for the evolution of the life of every living being, including planets, of which the law of cause-effect is the best known. It means that everything we live today is the fruit of our past, even of the past of our cities and countries. According to this, nothing is a case, and everything has a reason. In other words, if something happens we deserve it. At the same time we are not allowed to be victims of circumstances, because karma is doing its work, and our response is our own works to overcome, grow, and thrive, creating our future conditions. 

Animal Kingdom and Humanity Karma


Karma is an evolving law. It is not always the same for the eternity. 


COVID-19 has karmic implications for humanity, old debts to pay and things to purify, so it calls us to heal the past, to forgive, to change, and to leave habits that are pleasant but in opposition to the Universal Laws of Equity and Justice, such as eating animals.


70% of infectious diseases are of zoonotic origin, meaning they are  transmitted from animals to humans, as a karmic return of the exploitation and mistreatment of animals to make them food, rather than being in loving coexistence and facilitating their evolution. 

Personal Karma


FInally the personal karma, which affects all aspects of our life, such as gaps in the 5 key areas of life mentioned above, and other violation of universal laws, indulging in addictions. and vices, keeping open conflicts, backbiting, excessive judgment and criticism, disrespect for oneself and others, anger, resentment, hurting others and / or harming others forms of life in previous lives, other negative and obsolete attitudes.

In light of this, let's see how to do our best to keep Sars-Cov-2 away.


  • Physical activity in nature or in well-oxygenated 
  • Development of Willpower (decisive)
  • Vitality (ditto)
  • Good general health
  • Keeping engaged / active (metabolism and focus)
  • Vegetarian food (high freq.es/Animals equity) 
  • Drink Water (better elimination of toxins)
  • Intermittent fasting (many benefits, read more)
  • Higher emotions development (Happy Thymus)
  • Love with detachment (mature emotions)
  • Cultivate harmonious relationships 
  • Higher Principle Development (Integrity)
  • Alignment to your Soul and the highest purpose 


  • Sedentary life
  • Lack of will (the door to weakness)
  • Tiredness, low vitality, burnout (ditto)
  • Diseases or health deficits (compromised IS)
  • Laziness (slows down metabolism and will)
  • Eating animals (karmic implications/heavy organs)
  • Alcohol, smoking, drugs (COVID-19 MAGNETS)
  • Excessive and / or frequent feeding (heaviness)
  • Lower emotions: anger, anxiety ... (bad for Thymus)
  • Attachment / Control (as well as lover emotions)
  • Conflicts / Judgment (karma / low frequencies)
  • Addictions (much corruptibility)
  • Lack of alignment with the Soul = suffering and so



 - Oh my God!

    One minute reading destroying millions people's lifestyle?



So, what to do?


I understand this little list of the COVID-19's Antidotes and Magnets is not easy to digest, according to most of the people's lifestyle, but when new challenges come, new solutions are needed. 



COVID-19 is for Master Del Pe the trigger of epochal earth changes that will bring a new way of life. If you want go deeper ask for the lectures recording on this topic. 

If you wish to follow these advice, I invite you to be NEUTRAL, without self-judgment and guilty. We are all moving into new lands, we are entering a new Era, we all have obsolete things to leave and new things to learn.


What I can suggest, as well as do your best to quit smoking, gradually move you towards a vegetarian diet, let go of resentment, anger, and bad habits,  EQUIP YOURSELF with new tools, integrate new skills, including healing science to heal yourself and your loved ones.


There are many ways we can serve you, for all the pockets.

Below a selection of the more than 200 ONLINE programs, products, and services available to heal every aspect of your life, to eliminate the trappings, sustaining yourself, your loved ones, and your best new normal in difficult times:



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Love and Blessings!



P.S. Thanks for sharing! 


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