#StopViolence AgainstWomen - #BeTheChange ...

... And change the game!


I think today is the right time to share my story with you and what I have learned from it.

No To Violence Against Women, but more precisely, No To Violence Against Anyone!

"During my first long, intuitive solo trip to Europe, it was summer 2014, when I arrived in Paris I suffered an attack. It was the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, 14 July 1914, and also the anniversary of the Federation, although considered by all to be the anniversary of the seizure of the Bastille ...

An intuitive journey is not a joke, I always moved without booking, following an inner feeling that guided me at every step without knowing where I would be shortly thereafter, and every person, every moment, was essential, and much important. Each could have within themselves the clue to the next step. It was an "Out of The Box" spiritual journey that took me strongly out of my comfort zones, not without conflict and rejection of what I felt.

To Paris? Oh Nooo!

I didn't want to go to Paris, I felt I had bad karma with that city. In fact, first I was on a train to Milan, jumping on the last minute, after having to "abandon" my car in a parking lot in Bologna (Italy). It had taken me 3 hours and a great deal of anger with who / what was guiding me to follow that lead. I did at least 5 or 6 travel tests, but I always found myself in front of the train station.


I was already ready to go shopping in the city center, but when I was about to get off the train I felt that I shouldn't have stopped in Milan. I was still on the steps and an all-metallic train with horizontal stripes arrived. It was the one that I had to travel to, let's see where it leads ... Lyon ... Paris? Noooooo! I don't want to go to Paris!


But we already know I went there, so let's go back to the story and the lesson I learned


The Liberty

Arriving in a very nice hotel not far from the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, I was still curious to see this city for the first time. So I got ready to go to the celebrations of July 14 + centenary of World War I, and I went out.

It was a nice neighborhood, with a tree-lined avenue, vital, and true, and although I didn't understand why I felt that I had to get off the metro when I would have reached the Eiffel Tower in 20 minutes on foot, I didn't have too many problems and went to get the ticket. When the train arrived I was about to get into a carriage where a group of boys and girls were getting on, but I don't know how I found myself alone with a guy who, acting nice, approached me, greeted me, and even gave me two pecks on the cheeks.

If I think about it now ... I was so used to being "polite" that my personal boundary was almost non-existent. 



Once I got off where he said, he showed me some stairs to get out, and as we went up he started to skid and touch my body with his. At that point, I started saying "hey, don't touch me", "don't touch me!", "Don't touch me!".



A couple more steps and we were outside, in a very dark spot, where the light from the stairs had already been lost, and there was still no city light.

He changed face in a moment, stopped speaking in English, and with a threatening tone grabbed my purse (strictly over the shoulder) and said to me: - donne moi l'argent! (give me the money) - and I: -What? - ... - donne moi l'argent! - screaming.



And there I observed this fifty-four year old me, thinking: "Uhm, well, I only have 50 euros, I could also give it to him", and then a voice in my mind: "What ?! .. you have everything in that bag! ". Me: "uh, yeah, passport, car keys, credit cards, driving license. No, I can't give it to him."

Meanwhile, we were stretching my purse, and I was muttering to whoever was leading me on this journey: "Hey, why don't you help me? Why don't you do something?". And the voice: "Knees in the balls" (exact words)


Me: - Uh, but it didn't do anything to me, it didn't hit me -


And the voice: - Knees in the balls. - Yes, I knew, I also knew how to do it, but I was not at all convinced, until: - Knees in the balls, knees in the balls, KNEES IN THE BALLS! " it screamed, and at that point, I only gave him a little convinced knee in the testicles, without any power, thanks to which he replied with his head on my face, that woke me up from the numbness of not feeling entitled to hit those who undermine my safety and my belongings. So I felt that I didn't want to give them victory anymore!.



After that, he put in a lot more strength, being able to rip the bag off me. He started to run away, but he literally flew through the air, and fell on his back, losing my little bag, which was then there alone and ready to be recovered.


At that point, everything in me had already changed. I jumped and grabbed my purse from the ground, as he stood up, looking in disbelief at his shirt that was unbuttoned despite no one having touched it (among the visible) 

And I started running so fast, screaming like an anti-aircraft siren, that the guy stopped chasing me.


Then I went to the celebrations by feet, meanwhile blessing that past that had returned to visit me to be healed, and the evening ended by singing Hey Jude with a few thousand French people under the Eiffel Tower.

Then in Athens...

Continuing my journey I noticed that I had become much more "shrewd" and strategic. I was always the same "talking also to the walls", but always with an attentive look at the situation and the people in all the places where I went. 


2 months later another man chased me at the Athens metro exit. I read his intention in the fleeting glance he had given me as the train door opened. In fact, turning back on the first escalator I found him right behind me, staring at me. 


After having sidetracked him for 5 minutes on the escalators of the metro, and going up the last ramp convinced that I had finally sent him somewhere else, arriving at the top of my last escalator, the boy was waiting for me.


Oh my God! How the hell did he do it !? I had made him climb a ladder that went down, and at the last moment I had thrown myself on the opposite ladder that was going up ... but there was no more time to give an answer.


At that moment I said to myself: - OK. This time, go as you go, I will defend myself! -


And in a moment the unthinkable happened. I felt my whole body become like a powerful, compact, spring ready to smash, and I saw what I was going to do, like in a movie.


No fear, no anger, no aggression. I was perfectly present in every cell of this super spring!


Ready to fight, I looked at it and ... What!? ...


... He looked at me, put his finger in his mouth, tilted his head, turned his heels, and walked away ... "


I did not believe my eyes. ... That's incredible! ..."


-Angie Claire

The Story Continue...

... and the journey as well, even if for now today's story ends here.


The victim in me, thanking the awakening of the previous aggression, had been overcome by willpower and by having become aware that it was my DUTY and RIGHT TO DEFEND Myself.


Stopping the violence means FIRST of all, and NOW, developing the inner and outer Power, together with Love, and Light (intelligence).


Especially in nowadays difficult times, in addition to integrating good examples and new educational models, it is a priority to take the responsibility and the right to have ourselves respected, so we will achieve faster and more functional results.


When you are not being victimized, you are doing a favor to yourself and to whoever was about to attack you verbally, physically, psychologically, or emotionally.


So now I work by helping others to overcome difficult times and to seize the opportunity for growth, rather than being victims of them.


My gratitude to Master Del Pe, the Founder, and Designer of AMAYS - Aquarian Martial Arts - Yoga Science. It is a special system to know how to move inner energy to improve, balance, and externalize Power, Love, and Light. 


If you are, or you know, someone that like to support or work with us, just let me know and we will implement international projects to save as many people as possible from their own, and others' violence. 


Best of Life Ahead!




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