How Knowing Countries' Cycles & Karma Can Help Your Business

I am Italian, and last June 2nd was Italy's Birthday. 

Yes, it sounds strange to most people, right? That's why I am writing. You are going to discover something really out-of-the-box. 

Every living being, from micro to macro has its own birthday and its own yearly cycles, and more.

Our planet, as well countries, regions, and so, all are living beings, with their own characteristics, and cycles. 

Furthermore, groups and companies also have their ones.

So, How they can affect or help your business, and your life? How to use this universal law of timing in your favor?

The 7 Cycles of God's Clock

Every living being is subjected to these different seasons every year, and every 7 years. Every cycle has different functions.


Find out more in this TV Master Del Pe's interview, and in the article I already wrote about, from the human beings' perspective. | ARTICLE 


Today I want to focus more on the macro beings' cycles, such as countries.

Countries' Cycles

Hoping you already read the article linked above, and listened to Master Del Pe about the general meanings of different cycles, you already know that there are 2 moments every year when you don't want to start new projects and new businesses because they would be affected by the negative substance of your karmic purification, and if you start something good and important, it will find many obstacles, even risking to fail. 

So, because you are living on this planet, your town and country also affect your life and business during their 2 yearly karmic cycles. That's why, if you have a national business, it is strongly suggested to calculate your country's cycles. And if you have an international company, and you want to open new subsidiaries, and start new projects, I suggest you program the start-up phase into the time windows obtained by crossing your 3 yearly strongest cycles, and the 3 strongest ones of interested countries.  


Otherwise, for a local company, it is enough to calculate the best times by crossing the cycles of the concerned area, with yours.

Countries' Karma

How can a country have karma to clean? 

A country is not just a geographical area, it is also the seat of a population. And it has a history. So, everything people do creates karma. 


Example: In Italy, we had the Roman Empire, which created the seven capital sins, plus the Romans did many expansionist campaigns, stealing, raiding, plundering, killing, and doing other very bad things.


There is a time when the country gets back the retribution of people's actions. 

As well as for the cultural, religious, political, and social obsolescences and crystallizations, plus injustices, inequities, and any action that blocks the growth of the countries and their populations.  


Every year, when the country is around its birthday, there are especially 3 weeks, 2 before and 1 after, when the karmic substance that needs to be cleaned, comes out, and some bad things can happen. 


Being powerful leaders, and making decisions that affect millions or billions of people, can be exciting from a human perspective. But for the law of karma is a big responsibility!


That's why it is very important to develop consciousness in entrepreneurship, and wisdom in leadership. This is a big part of our job, through the Wisdom institute for Leadership & Global Advancement (WILGA), founded by Master Del Pe (links at the bottom).


Even healings diseases, such as covid-19, we always use our competencies, substance, and tools, to make people get the lessons and develop higher consciousness about their life and higher purpose, to embrace a more meaningful, joyful, and useful longer life of growth and service. This is the best formula to avoid the production of negative karma.


This is the future also in business, where people will achieve wealth without making others poor, according to universal fairness and justice, for the Highest Good. It doesn't mean all will be rich. It means living with true fairness and justice. Meritocracy instead of corruption and manipulation. Collaboration instead of control and fight. This is the formula for prosperous societies.


Every choice we do has a positive or negative effect on our karmic bank account. More is the area and time of influence, more is the karmic retribution, positive, or negative. Karma is a neutral, universal series of laws that regulate the living conditions and events of every living being, from micro to macro, including planets. 


That's why you can see countries and people living better than others. Nothing happens if karma doesn't allow it. But... it doesn't mean that we have just to undergo it. There are ways to heal it.

How to avoid negative karma?

And Why Now? You already did a lot of good things without knowing it ... Right?

Yes, for sure! But one things is to manage your business and sustainability during easy times, Another is to do it during challenging times!


We are in failing times now, it is not an opinion, it is already a fact. It is due to Earth Changes, and this is another big matter you can go deeper HERE, or through the links at the bottom of this article.


When we are facing difficult times, the tools we already master are not enough anymore, and we need new, more complete, and powerful tools, as well as integrating more levels of intelligence. At least Instinctive, emotional, concrete, abstract, and intuitive.


BUT... Because you are reading this article, it means you have the good karma to take advantage of knowledge and tools that most of humanity and even the best universities, such as the highest leaders of the world, don't have yet. So, you can get the tools and develop the higher levels of consciousness useful on dealing with macrocosmic beings' karmic purging, as countries, humanity, and so. 



Through the ONLINE courses and services of our 3 Institutes founded by Master Del Pe, Wisdom Institute for Leadership & Global Advancement (WILGA) World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID), and BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), we offer you a complete multifaceted formula, to:

  1. Equip you with the 7 Cycles Strategies, to make you understand their functions, to do the calculations, also by crossing more targets' cycles, and to be able to strategically program your business timelines in the best moments of the year, avoiding the 2 worst.
  2. Giving you 7 Cycles Charting & Consultations, about your personal life and/or business.
  3. Doing specific and dedicated one-to-one ONLINE HEAL Plans for you, your business, and your family, to neutralize the karmic issues and blockages, and to Heal Every Aspect of Life. We have HEAL Plans on 57 specializations, plus personalized ones on 5 key Areas of Life: Family and Friends | Work and Career | Health, Sport, and Recreation | Social Life, and Contribute to Society | Spiritual Growth.


There are different levels of investments and ONLINE solutions, depending on the needs, not only for business, maybe about family relationships, or health problems, addictions, and so. Here just some example close to this article's topic:

  • 7 Cycles Course | 8 Hours | 221 USD per person
  • 5 Laws of Manifestation & Abundance Course | 221 USD per person
  • 7 Cycles Charting & Consultation (Personal Life) | 12 sessions | 1600 USD 
  • 7 Cycles Charting & Consultation (Business/Companies) | 9 sessions | 6900 USD 
  • HEAL Plan. Business Crisis & Financial Rescue  | 18 sessions | 10200 USD
  • HEAL Plan on every aspect of life plus 5 levels of health | starting from 2000 to 6000 USD
  • Tele-Healing with Master Del Pe (International Group Service) | Monthly 1h 30 minutes | 150 USD | more
  • Gruppiling with Angie Claire | Bi-monthly 1h 30 min | 40 EU | more

Free Online Consultation

I can help you now!

Just book one 45 minutes free ONLINE consultation, to:

  • Ask questions and find out more solutions.
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Hoping this article made you curious,


I will appreciate your feedback, and if you wish I will be happy to make you test your energy scanning, a very advanced and unique tool, that with an appropriate online training, you can also learn how to do by yourself.


Best of life ahead!


Angie Claire

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