Memorial Day. The Lesson We Lost in Holocaust

The International day to remember the victims of the Holocaust focuses much on remembering the suffering, to do not forget that we have to respect others. That we do not have to prevaricate imposing our reasons on others. But it is not happening still now.

Separatism is so strong, even in small things.


I think Holocaust memory could be useful to remember not to do the same mistakes. Not just spending time remembering the past to escape by the present, hoping that the same people that brought the world in this condition will solve the problems that they/we created.

We have to work on our own issues, we are responsible for healing and resolve our own bad habits, vices, addictions, conflicts, and so.


We are responsible for our children, not for our grandparents.

We have to take charge of the present. Also preventing the future. 


We are facing so difficult times, but still fighting each other on everything. The football team, the political party, the religion, the vaccines, and so on. By giving bad definitions and denigrating those who have a different point of view.


Apart from that separatism is one of the best weapons of mass distraction that allows a few to control the many, creating armies of citizens to use and foment with different types of communication according to the response one wants to stimulate, back to the Holocaust, 


Did you ever ask yourself WHY so many people in Holocaust remained unarmed?

Why so many people didn't take action together to defend themselves and their families?


I think an important lesson we lost from Holocaust is the responsibility to defend ourselves, to take charge of our lives, to go into action, to do not be unarmed victims of circumstances and prevarication.


In other words, there is a responsibility also in the victims. 


So, why don't forget the past, but still doing the same mistakes now?


Why leaving bad emotions, negative thoughts, separatism, and other low qualities control our lives?


Why waiting that someone else will solve the problems?


Why think that we have to remain and to swim into the water of our suffering and our darkness? 


Why do not understand that when something happens to us it means that we are part of that?


And last but not least, why do not get the opportunity beyond difficulties?


To overcome them, to creatively solve the problems, to grow, to expand our consciousness, to evolve, to move forward, to help others doing the same, in one word,


to Live!


How does it sound to you?


Wishing you all the best!


- Angie Claire



P.S. And since I have discovered that death does not exist, I wish all the victims of all the massacres from the past, to move and living into the brightest planes of our planet.  


Angie Claire
Angie Claire

Angie Claire.


Life Expert e Spiritual Mentor,  Business Executive Coach, world-class expert on overcoming difficult situations and will-power development. Bio



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