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In difficult times, not knowing how to resolve problems, or if we feel lost, without meaning, with less interest in life affairs, and so on, it means it is time to align to our Higher Self, to our Soul. 


Also to manifest our higher potential it is not enough knowing it, we have to Do it. 


That's why our Higher Self pulls us out of our comfort zone removing somethings, or someone, from our lives, so we have to do something new, till we find new tools or a new path where we can equipe ourself with what we need, according to our highest life purpose. 


So, why we have to do it, and how can we make it true?


There is no alternative to be aligned to our Soul.

More responsibility we have, or the more difficulties we live, the more alignment we need.


Our Soul also has the answers, the solutions, and the power, to manifest our greatest Life. 


By awaking, and improving the connection with our Soul, we will be more fertilized by its higher intelligence, love, and power, to do the right things in life, and less mistakes.


Imagine what life on Earth would be like if countries were led by leaders aligned with their Souls and the highest principles. 


There are more levels of decision making, and all are important, but the higher is the one coming from our Soul. When the Higher principles lead the lower ones we do the best choices.


Problems in life happen when the lower principles lead the higher, how we can see now in society. 


And last but not least, also health issues are often imposed by the Soul to purify and to call the person to his/her next step of growth and service, and to live a more meaningful life. 


5 levels of decision making

Namascar Meditation

So, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the SMART tool of the week, Namaskar Meditation (20 minutes | 12 USD).


Namaskar Meditation is a technique for enlightenment that helps you to experience:

  • Inner transformation and healing
  • Expansion of consciousness and heightened awareness
  • Conscious integration of the personality, Soul, and Divine Self
  • Safe awakening of your inner Sacred Fires
  • Do it 1 or 2 times weekly. 
  • Do not take a shower immediately after the meditation.


NOTE. It could be better to do some physical exercises before, with a deep oxygenation, especially if you feel stuck. Exercises will be the next week's SMART tool. 


If you wish to download the meditation, please remember to insert the

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Free Online Consultation


Please, feel free to contact me for a 30 minutes Free Online Consultation to find the best way in order of maximizing your potential, and to find effective and SMART solutions even to successfully navigate storming seas.


You will also discover the Energy Scanning, by distance, that allows to quickly know your strengths and weakness you are facing with your system, at physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, so I will be. able to advice you with clear indications, and practical tools or services to achieve your higher goals.


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