Do Not Remove Power from God

... And also from Humanity!

I will be short.


"God" is not only L💖VE. Why remove the other 2 Divine qualities from it? Power 💪, and Creative Intelligence (or light)? 💥

The risk is to think of Love as the only force that does everything.

But what you love, you feeds on.

Do you love diseases, violence, injustice, and corruption?

If we have to defend a child or protect ourselves from aggression, we need the power of the will, and sometimes even physical power.  🏋️‍♀️


Turn the other cheek

Turning the other cheek does not mean giving the abuser a chance to do it again.

It means not becoming like that abuse, not becoming what they did to you.

It means responding and defending oneself, or even better, preventing, keeping oneself whole and detached internally, without feeding negative emotions and thoughts, resentment, and anger.


When only Love reigns supreme, we become victims of the oppression of others, remaining passive. Waiting for a defender, a champion of justice. But it is our duty to take responsibility for being respected by others.


If there is an excess of power, there is a tendency to become dictatorial, abusive, unjust, arrogant, and other negative qualities of the misuse of this force. Power must always be accompanied by sweetness and harmlessness. Otherwise, the first to get hurt will be ourselves.


When only intelligence counts we tend to become cold, boring, proud, hypercritical, and above all, we are not able to make real even the brilliant ideas that we might have. Intelligence needs the other 2 forces to be useful to society and our life. This is why the Trinity is a basic concept in all religions and philosophies of the world. It is therefore not clear where this incomplete definition of "God is Love" came from.

Apart from that defining "God" is not possible, I invite you to keep in mind these 3 basic qualities, because our evolution is the consequence of the balanced growth of Power, Love, and Light.


And this has nothing to do with being religious or not. It is just what it is.


LEADERSHIP, and the path to self-mastery, are such only in the coexistence of these forces. 💪💖💥


Best of Trinity!


- Angie Claire

Angie Claire Life Expert e Spiritual Mentor,  Business Executive Coach, world-class expert on overcoming difficult situations and will-power development



Angie Claire


Life Expert e Spiritual Mentor,  Business Executive Coach, world-class expert on overcoming difficult situations and will-power development. Bio



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