Who Says You Have to Choose to Be in FAVOUR or AGAINST Someone?

I participated in the Friday for Future Florence event even though there are gaps in the basic motivations for climate change and their meaning, because although the Earth is in perfect control and it is going to make its next growth step, it is at the same true time that we absolutely have to change our way of relating to the planet, our way of living, our way of being unfair, our way of treating other human beings and animals, our ignorance and superficiality with respect to the reason for where we are here, to universal laws, to the way we manage the lives of others, plus economy, research, education, and many other social departments.


There are so many crystallizations and blocks in our progress, for so many years, and such a lazy adaptation, that we have become accomplices of those who intentionally made choices to have a humanity as a customer.


There are so many things on which we depend and of which we have, or we think we need. Such are the intertwining of control that now, all of a sudden we have become obsolete, and even harmful to ourselves.


Every people questioning about everything, to divide, to separate. . . And to be separated! If you think WHITE you're on right, if you think BLACK' you're on left. It seems 50 years ago, when the piano was on the right and the guitar was on the left. I think pizza will save us from  separateness.


Immigrants YES. . . immigrants NOT. Greta YES. . . Greta NOT.

But Who Says that we have to Be in Favor or Against Someone❓

Why feed another stupid war between people Why having to choose if I like or dislike Greta Why choose a border to stay in Why having to be totally in favor or totally against Perché dovrebbe starmi simpatica o antipatica Why nurture separatism rather than integrating different points of view and taking the time to mature and draw my conclusions, being even free to eventually change them 

This is the true game: To DIVIDE PEOPLE nurturing the conflict.

To feed anger, fear, anxiety, separatism and fanaticism. Those are all obsolete  qualities to fully enter into the new era. And if you do not believe that we are in a transitional phase, they are anyway HARMFUL qualities to live a High Quality Life Time.


ANGER and all the other negative emotions are CONTAGIOUS. And they expand, and expand . . . they close hearts and minds, creating INVOLUTION. Imagine a healthy planet with crazy people. This si not the plan. 

Fortunately we can say: NO, I DON'T!

I don't choose a part, I don't let myself be confined to the fences of a leader, a party, a religion, one side or the other. I choose to think freely, to mature, to INTEGRATE, to change my thoughts, to confront myself with anyone who is willing to do it, of any party, religion, color, age or culture.. 🦸‍♂️ 👽 👾


And so I can think at the same time that the Earth is an intelligent being, perfectly in control, that saves itself, that is in a phase of transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Era 💎 for which it is good to prepare ourselves, which has therefore initiated a process of changes that we cannot manage 🌎 and that the  Friday for Future movement is, albeit with certain gaps, an opportunity to pay attention to our bad way of relating to the environment  🌈 which will therefore have a boomerang effect on us    and it is also the way in which, at a certain level, consciousnesses are awakening. 


So we can look at things freely and totally, seeing that nothing is all right or all wrong, because we too are like this, a mix of inner beauty and ugliness. And don't try to tell it is different , those who live with us know it well :) 


I get this freedom, and I invite you to share, to listen to, distinguish, not by parties, religions, colors, backgrounds or categories, but by people.


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Best of Life Ahead, out of the box, to everyone!



P.S. Judge the actions, not the people


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