Vacations - 3 ways to make them unforgettable!




Hoping you are going to be able to spend some time with whoever you want, and to do what you love, maybe even doing something new.


About this, let me ask you:

Did you ever tried the Inner Child's Week? or the Intuitive Travel? and what about Overcoming One Limit?


Here I am going to tell you WHY and HOW to undertake or integrate these 3 modes in your holidays ,  that will make you discover unexpected resources and sensations, making your vacations unforgettable :)







1. The Week of the Inner Child

Excellent in case of excessive sense of duty, and heavy feeling by responsibilities. It improves creativity. It'is mandatory to do it by yourself!


Recipe. Eliminate every schedules, including meals and sleeping time, programs, internal clichés (like: I'm on vacation = I have to go to the beach).  Just eat when you are hungry, not necessarily on the table, sleep when you need. Do what your feeling leads you to do (legal please, it is a self-loving practice). To me, that week gave me more than many holidays! In the wile, I produced something that is still nurturing one my innate passion. MUSIC! And still now, remembering it, I am reliving the feeling of freedom and inner joy :D


Contraindications. If you will feel the impulse to do illegal, insane, harmful, self-harming things, or that could harm and not be respectful towards yourself, others and the environment, stop before you start! In that case it is not the inner child that you are listening to, but your inner hell.


2. Intuitive Travel

Excellent to activate intuition, increase will-power, strategic and problem solving skills, life skills and character building, a very important aspect of incorruptible leadership, that only life can teach. You can do alone, as a couple, or in a group setting. In this 3rd case, more difficult to implement, it is indispensable having respect, harmony, and recognition of the "intuitive of the day" role.


In my 1st case, I left for a week and I came back after 72 days.

But you can also experiment it within a limited time and space, and it will works (in this case you have to choose the time/space limits before you start).



How do it?

If you can / want to experiment it in the travel formula, just bring with you a few things for city, sea and mountain. Exit home and proceed according to the formula: straight? left? right? following what you feel, and so continue. Everything, at that point, became part of the journey and it could give you the next clue, including people.


I have traveled like that, without ever booking hotels, restaurants, flights; without ever knowing where I would have been in a few hours. Just to discover that there was a meaning, opportunities, and more ...




This is a way that can reserve many surprises, not always pleasant. So, if you do not feel sufficiently enthusiastic about the idea, it is good to start experimenting this mode within a certain time and space limit, maybe an afternoon in a city, for example, and not alone, like already did 2 young girls that tried it, after we met in a train station.


From my 2nd intuitive travel, 3 months,  June - September 2015. Italy, Austria, Ungheria, Serbia.

3. Overcoming a Limit

It is never too late to keep young by overcoming the idea we have about our physical possibilities. It is great for improving self-esteem, overcoming mental and emotional blocks, including internal judgment, increasing will-power and feeling clearly in us: I CAN!

Without exaggeration, there are several possibilities to do it, such as:
A. Climbing a rock face
B. Bathing in a mountain stream (brrr, so cold!)
C. Doing the zip-line, and slip away hanging on a cord (excellent to let go and trust)
D. Crossing a suspended bridge
E. Doing acrobatic routes through the trees, which integrate several features at different levels, at the same time.

And if none of these should interest you, anything you've never done or you do not feel you know or you can do, it could have an amazing effect!

Feel free to Contact me for any queries about, and if you will do something of these, please, let me know! :)) thanks!


Some overcoming activities in Slovenia and Italy, 2012 - 2017

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