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English Blog · 30. giugno 2019
Do you work in Health Care or Life Quality departments? Do you work as Medica Doctor, Nurse, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Life Coach, Holistic Operator? If Yes you already know the Compassion Fatigue Syndrome. I lived the same. After successfully facilitating transformations of many things in thousands people, at a moment, 11 years ago, I start to feel as an old "floors mop". So, understanding that I had to recover my health in order to sustain my service to last, life give me the solution.
English Blog · 13. febbraio 2019
Forgiveness is one of the keys to go to the future. But if the pain is deep we need time. Here are one strategy and one technique that I already tested, to naturally forgive, being free from that pain and tension, and feeling good.