2 Strategies to Forgive Feeling Good



Forgiveness is one of the keys to go to the future. But if the pain is deep we need time. Here are one technique and one strategy that I already tested, to naturally forgive, being free from that pain and tension, feeling good. 

When we don't forgive someone it means that we are still engaged, even if we don't meet each other.


When we forgive we conclude the karma, and then there are 2 options:


  • 1. The relationship becomes good.
  • 2. The relationship, in person or not, ends, and that person doesn't matter anymore.


So, now . . . How to forgive? 


You can do it internally, with the intention to talk to people.


The best moment is during meditation or when you are just awaked, still quiet.


  • A. Just gradually start to be thankful to people that helped you.
  • B. Then apologize to those whom you hurt. 
  • C. Finally, talk to people that hurt you, then just mentally forgive (one day you will discover that something is different, and you will forgive unconditionally).


Few minutes technique that will change your life, if you want.


Take your time, being true to you.


In the while, you can also focus on the only 1 good thing about that person, because everyone has. Even one little good thing. This is a very good strategy I already tested more times with impressive results.



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Best of life ahead!

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