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Reinventing Heath Care Through Healing Sciences
05. gennaio 2021
The pandemic caused one of the most significant health care crises globally. As we struggle in the present, we also find ourselves regretting the past and worrying about the future. But we can take the opportunity to learn from the present and reinvent the health system.
English Blog · 24. giugno 2020
After I have overcome the unthinkable, 9 years ago, I had a vision: Europe resting on a crystal floor, under which an emotional magma was ready to explode. Then violence, emotional explosion, chaos. Plus the ANTIDOTE. Please do it together!

English Blog · 13. febbraio 2019
Forgiveness is one of the keys to go to the future. But if the pain is deep we need time. Here are one strategy and one technique that I already tested, to naturally forgive, being free from that pain and tension, and feeling good.
30. novembre 2016
4 minuti con Master Del Pe per scoprire il metodo da lui creato per liberarsi da DEPRESSIONE, ANSIA, BURNOUT e problemi del SONNO 4 minutes with Master Del Pe, to discover his Energy System to live free from DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, BURNOUT, SLEEP problems.