Self-Heal the Compassion Fatigue Syndrome and Increase Your Life Quality Naturally


Do you work in Health Care or Life Quality departments? Do you work as Medical Doctor, Nurse, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Life Coach, Holistic Operator? 


Or maybe are you working in Police, Civil Protection, Firefighters, and so forward? 


If Yes you already know the Compassion Fatigue Syndrome. I lived the same. After successfully facilitating transformations of many things in thousands people, at a moment, 11 years ago, I started to feel as an old "floors mop" ...


New Problems, New Solutions

...One of my clients, a medical doctor, strongly invited me to do a blod test that told me I had bad blood conditions, like too little red blood cells, low iron, low blood pressure. I was very close to anemia.


I clearly felt that I couldn't continue in the same way for many years. I had to find something new to quickly serve more people, even faster.


At the same I understood that I had to recover my health in order to boost and sustain my service to last.


In few months I meet the founder of the Self-healing system BEwell Science™, Master Del Pe, and he was able to immediately recover my energy. Then he taught me how to continuously clean my personal system, recover my energy + 5 minutes exercises to do between one client and another.


He told me that by caring about people we absorb the contaminating substance that they release. That's why in the long run health and wellness workers have problems.


I was able to recover my health and to increase my energy in few weeks. So, I decided to go deeper in this system.


Now I have more than 10 years of not-stop training and experiences with Master Del Pe, plus sessions and tests with Medical doctors, Nurses, Holistic Operators, and so forward, and I have a clear vision about the need we have to give the tools to you and your Health Care, Civil Protection, and Safety Departments, to prevent and quickly overcame the Compassion Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)


Practical Self-Management Strategies

The BEwell Science™ System have 4 main Self-Management Strategies in order to be effective, to performe at the highest and to live your greatest life:

  1. Increase and boost your vitality and will-power
  2. Quickly heal emotions and past collateral effects
  3. Sharpen your mind
  4. Open Higher levels of Consciousness to naturally express highest leadership quality

Practical Tools to Self-Manage Your Life Quality

Let's look at this 3 minutes presentation of JustBE alive program. 15 minutes of practical bio-mechanical movements, breathing techniques, and intention to make the difference in your daily performance and Life Quality.


Some examples:

Release Stress and fatigue. Detoxify your body. 

Increase your vitality and stamina. 

Improve focus and will-power

Be more fluent and having a good presence

Balance power, Love and Creative Intelligence



Implementation Formulas

You can do it in different way, also depending on the situation needs. ONLINE also

  • In House Project. A period with integrated formula of on-to-one sessions, Teams sessions, workshops on Compassion Fatigue Program.
  • Workshops. 3-4 hours to learn the practical Self-management Tools.
  • One-to-One sessions. Depending on the situation they could be 5 - 10 or 15, 1 hour Skype sessions.
  • Retreats, or mini retreats  in natural environment to learn the practical tools, do group sessions and lectures, and integrate more self-management strategies on life Quality and Environmental protection.
  • Products, as Books, CDs and DVDs, for the self-mastery. 

Feel free to contact me at angiec@mdpbelife.com

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

Just subscribing you will receive the access to 2 videos with 5 minutes exercises combined with special breathing techniques of JustBE alive™ program, plus  20 minutes self-healing from JustBE free™ meditation. 


Angie Claire
Angie Claire

Angie Claire.


Life Expert e Spiritual Mentor,  Business Executive Coach, world-class expert on overcoming difficult situations and will-power development. Bio



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