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YES & NO of Effective COVID-19 Prevention ...
English Blog · 02. settembre 2020
YES and NO of lifestyle to prevent COVID-19 from the point of view of Energy Science with which even cases of COVID-19 are successfully and remotely treated, from asymptomatic to severe.
I SI e i NO della Prevenzione da COVID-19 ...
01. settembre 2020
I SI e i NO dello stile di vita per prevenire il COVID-19 dal punto di vista della Scienza Energetica con cui si trattano con successo, e a distanza, anche casi di COVID-19, dagli asintomatici a quelli gravi.

English Blog · 14. marzo 2020
World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) offers a Free Energy Medicine package to people infected with COVID-19. If you or someone need wapp us. Each package includes 10 online sessions worth $ 1,500. ONLINE WORKSHOP: As COVID-19 increases globally, equip yourself with the necessary tools to boost your immune system to avoid the Coronavirus and how to heal you and your loved ones when you are sick. Educate yourself on why energy medicine science is the leading solution for today's crisis.