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Live Programs. Online & in Person

April 24 - May 6

Enlightened Life Retreat.

Master Del Pe designed this comprehensive program to spiritually jumpstart participants to find their higher path and start creating breakthroughs in life; to fly high with 2 wings, spiritual and material.

Brochure April 24 to May 6, 2018 Retreat
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May 12

Tele-Healing. ONLINE

Master Del Pe and the International team of Senior Healers and Specialists facilitate your health, financial and relationship issues, healing.


WHEN. 10 pm to 11.30 pm Philippine time
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Investment: USD 150- per person for 1 session. USD 350- for 3 months

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May 13

Tele-Darshan. ONLINE

Master Del Pe leads a session plus Q&A for advanced students.


By invitation.


coming soon. International Convention


21 - 23


International Convention on Higher Consciousness. ICHC

Program Highlights

  • Maximize your human potential by awakening your higher consciousness.
  • Equip yourself with spiritual tools, inner martial arts, meditation and energy medicine techniques.
  • Solve day-to-day issues like stress, sleep issues, crises and life blockages.
  • Learn universal philosophies, Eastern Wisdom teachings and Esoteric Science to enhance your current education.
  • Become a channel of positive change and higher spiritual service for global transformation. 

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