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August 29. ONLINE

FREE Session. Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe will offer a free lecture, with self-healing meditation and blessing on Facebook Live, at Master Del Pe


If you like send your birthday greetings to Master Del Pe please, go to the same page.


WHEN. 9.50 pm to 10.15 pm Philippine time
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September 16. ONLINE

Tele-Darshan. Master Del Pe

"The Dark Night can be experienced as a total death from the old ways of ego, only to be reborn to a new enlightened life. The change to a more positive and advanced state of development is inevitable in one's life, whether one is good or bad, resulting in the maturity of the Soul."


-Master Del Pe






September 15 - 16. Florence. IT

Yoga & Wellness Festival. Angie

People coming in Fiesole, a beautiful hill looking Florence, will receive free consultations on many topics related to Master Del Pe's teachings, BEwell Science Strategies, and 2 free workshops by Angie Claire.


Olos festival includes many styles yoga teachers, conferences and laboratories. 



September 22. ONLINE

Tele-Healing. Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe + International Senior Healers and Specialists facilitate your health, financial and relationship issues healing, by BEwell Science Strategies.  Try the 1H free webinar


WHEN. 10 pm to 11.30 pm Philippine time
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Investment: USD 150- per person for 1 session. Discount for packages. more

September 23. ONLINE

Tele-Darshan. Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe leads a session plus Q&A for advanced students.


By invitation.


This session is open to those already know and apply the BEwell Science Intermediate + Third Eye Techniques. 


on demand. ONLINE

Professional Training.              Angie Claire

Do you want work with us, serving people? or do you want to integrate professional tools in order to accelerate the transformative processes for your clients? 

Or maybe, do you want to be able to manage your own family and friends' 5 levels of health?


You are welcome to receive personal online training, live and rebroadcast workshops, in order to do different levels of training.


And please, let us know if you want to participate to the live event with Master Del Pe, in MDP Village Retreat Center, in Philippines.


Sept. 28 - Oct. 1. Philippines

2nd International Convention on Higher Consciousness. MDP

Maximize your human potential by awakening your higher consciousness.
Equip yourself with spiritual tools, inner martial arts, meditation and energy medicine techniques.
Solve day-to-day issues like stress, sleep issues, crises and life blockages.
Learn universal philosophies, Eastern Wisdom teachings and Esoteric Science to enhance your current education.
Become a channel of positive change and higher spiritual service for global transformation. 

Take away practical tools to balance your life.

October 20 - 21. Tuscany

Live Your Greatest Life! Weekend. Angie Claire

Learn 4 autonomous strategies and practical tools with immediate benefits to increase vitality and willpower, improve decision-making, manage emotions, sharpen your mind, and awaken the power of your inner lighthouse.

You will take away the practical techniques of BEwell Science™ System, by Master Del Pe, to sustain and  improve yor life quality, taking 5 to 20 minutes weekly, or more. Try the 1H free webinar


Investment all inclusive

€ 359.00 per person until Sept. 25, 2018

€ 399,00 per person from Sept. 26, 2018

November 10 - 11. Tuscany

BEwell Science™ Weekend. Angie Claire

Learn how mesure and self-manage your Total Health Quotient, PLUS: energy anatomy, updated to minimum 12 chakras, instead of 7; how use energy to heal the past, balance the present and to energize the future, including life coaching strategies.


You can use it as a personal or professional training,  immediatly available after the weekend, with more 5 online followup, included


Investment: € 200,00 + accomodation


Listen to Master Del Pe presentation above.

more info coming soon ...

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