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All timings given are Philippine or Italian Time (PHT / ITA). Please visit for the time zone conversion for your country.

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NOTE: The ONLINE RECORDED programs are available online and can also be taken at any time.

Tele-healing. online


Master Del Pe and the International team of Senior Healers and Specialists heal your health, financial and relationship issues. 

WHEN: 10 pm to 11.30 pm Philippine time
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INVESTIMENT: USD 150- per person for this session (or USD 350- per person for a .3 month package, that means 3 sessions).

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tele-darshan. online

Master Del Pe leads a session plus Q&A for advanced students.


By invitation.


gender gap.  firenze

Angie CLAIRE, about women and men gap. Fairness versus Equality, Practical Strategies to effective overcome the gender gap quickly by integration of diversity . For future Leaders.

Youth Leaders Debate.

19.00 - 21.00 ITA time. Festa dell'Unità c/o Parco delle Cascine Firenze.

Free Enrtance

aquire the right to defend ourselves. prato

Angie CLAIRE, International expert in overcoming difficult situations, leads a practical session to develop will-power and self-stime.

ORE 17.00 - 19.00 ITA time

Parco Liberazione e Pace (ex Ippodromo), Prato.

Free Entrance

Partner:  Facciamo Yoga a Prato Association

third eye initiation retreat. philippines

Master Del Pe leads the most advanced and complete quantum leap experience in Life. Aquire 5 ascending levels of intelligence to become an advanced Leader and High Purpose Server.

Sept 26 to Oct 8 

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