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Aug 29

MDP Birthday. ONLINE

1.00 am Philippines time


FACEBOOK VIDEO Session offered by Master Del Pe on his birthday.






Lecture on self-management, self-care, enlightenment  and self-mastery.


Master Del Pe will share his insights coming from his more than 3 decades of teachings in over than 100 countries.


Sep 7

JustBe alive Workshop

9 am -1 pm.  Florence & ONLINE

 € 70

Learn the basic autonomous sequence to do in 5 - 15 minutes.

Complete program to self-manage and improve the quality of life, with immediate benefits.


Quickly release tiredness and stress. Increase vital energy, improve decision-making and quality of sleep. Reach inner peace every day.


Valid for the International BEinshape Trainer & Specialist Certification.


Sep 9-19

Self-Mastery Retreat

MDP Village. North of Philippines

$ 2500 + Flights

Multi-disciplinary residential RETREAT at the MDP Village, in Cervantes, Ilocos Suo, Philippines. The cost includes an all-inclusive plan, except for the flights to arrive and to depart from Manila airport.


Self-mastery is a path of growth that contemplates the development of many qualities, including self-management, self-care, self-development, character building, and inner powers development. 

Master Del Pe will lead the Retreat.

Sep 14-15

OLOS. Wellness Festival

9 am-7 pm. Fiesole, Florence, ITA


 Festival of wellness and ORGANIC food.


At the MDP BElife stand you will receive free scanning of your personal energy system and you will get free consultations.


You can also participate in free presentations of the JustBE alive self-management and self-care practical yoga-martial arts program, and theYearly  7 Life Cycles lecture, to discover your best timing and how to avoid the worst ones to do your important choices in life . 


Sep 21

Workshop. 7 Cycle of Life.

9.00 - 19.00. Fiesole & ONLINE

€ 221

1 level of the course to learn to recognize and calculate the best moments and avoid the worst ones for the important lessons of life.


Cross-calculation of the cycles of people, companies and geographical areas to identify the best moments to get married, to open a company, to start a project, and more.

Read the article


Valid for the International BEinshape Trainer & Specialist Certification.


Sep 28

Workshop. JustBE free

9.00 - 13.00. Fiesole & ONLINE

€ 70

 The 12 styles of meditation in the 8 styles of art and the 4 styles of meditation science.


Learn the JustBE free and Inner Renewal Meditation self-healing meditations, Namascar meditation and other types of scientific meditation of the BEwell Science method to release the side effects of the past, improve relationships, achieve a state of inner peace and calm, and expand the conscience.


Valid for the International BEinshape Trainer & Specialist Certification.

Ott 5

BEwell Science basic

9.00 - 19.00. Fiesole & ONLINE

€ 221

Learn how to manage your Total Health Quotient. Learn how to scan the energy system. Acquire or update your knowledge of energy anatomy and physiology, on a minimum basis of 12 chakras, instead of 7., and on how to use energy to heal the past, balance the present and energize the future, including Life-Coaching strategies .


You can use the techniques immediately,


The package includes 5 successive follow-ups, to be done online, in audio-video connection.


Valid for the International BEinshape Trainer & Specialist Certification.

Ott 19-20

Weekend. Survival Skills

Location coming soon

€ coming soon

Weekend dedicated to the acquisition of internal and external SURVIVAL strategies.


How to prepare and prevent the side effects of ongoing global changes and be able to manage and protect one's own life and that of the people we care about, one's physical, vital, emotional and mental health even in difficult conditions.

The weekend includes:

Self-healing and self-healing strategies JustBE alive

JustBE free self-healing meditation

Self-defense with bare hands and commonly used tools

Survival in conditions of food shortages and other difficult conditions.


Nov 2

Life After Death

9.00 - 19.00. Fiesole & ONLINE

€ 250

The 49 dimensions of the inner world. Where the saints, masters and divine avatars of the earth reside.

Where are hell, purgatory and the 7 heavens.

Energy anatomy of Spirit, Soul and personality.

The 3 locations of the Soul in the personality.

Times and ways of incarnation.

The 4 phases of death and the destination.

How to help people die and get out best.

How to get out when you sleep to go to schools and inner libraries.

Blessings on deceased family and friends. 



Nov 23.24

BEwell Science L2

9.00 - 19.00. Fiesole & ONLINE

€ 332



BEwell Science Basic



A quantum leap in the path of Healing Science that allows many aspects of health to be transformed at the 5 levels: physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual. Healing the past side effects, transforming the present and energizing the future.


Valid for the International BEinshape Trainer & Specialist Certification. 




Dec 7-8

Third Eye Initiation. Level 1

9.00 - 19.00. Fiesole & ONLINE

€ 361

The 1st level of initiation of the third eye prepares your body, energy, emotions, mind and consciousness for the construction, development and activation of your third eye in the 2nd level. It also includes practical training on many subjects such as healing science, martial arts-synthesis yoga, 7 cycles of life, esoteric psychology and physiology of the Soul. One of the biggest take-aways of this course is the natural development of higher levels of consciousness, which lead to looking at things with other eyes, finding solutions where before there seemed to be none.

This aspect makes it the most advanced and complete training for Top Leaders of the Future.


It includes 3 to 6 months of mentoring to move to the next level.

Dec 14

Maximize Performance

9.00 - 19.00. in House & ONLINE

€ 221

Maximize performance by balancing the 5 key areas of life to live a life that is not only successful but fully realized in all its aspects


1. Family and friends  2. Work and career  3. Health, sport and leisure   4. Social life and contribution to society   5. Spiritual growth


Learn practical strategies to manage fatigue and stress, increase vitality and focus, sleep well and deeply even for a few hours, clear the mind and improve relationships.


Valid for the International BEinshape Trainer & Specialist Certification. 




Beyond the Dark Night of the Soul Lecture

"The Dark Night can be experienced as a total death from the old ways of ego, only to be reborn to a new enlightened life. The change to a more positive and advanced state of development is inevitable in one's life, whether one is good or bad, resulting in the maturity of the Soul."


-Master Del Pe




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