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One of the most important rules of marketing is to involve potential customers emotionally.


Of course, emotions are strongly engaging, but when they are used for the purpose of selling they also are manipulative (reading time 1 min. 20 seconds).


I often see lack of respect for themselves and others, just for selling themselves.


Because customers buy the seller, and not the product, does not mean acting, praising, in one word, to LIE.


If you want to make sustainable, ethical and far-sighted marketing, bringing value to your personal and corporate brand, living well, the only solution is to be YOURSELF.


It will make you free, happy, lighter, and truly UNIQUE! 



It will make you attract situations and people truly interested and in tune.


When I was working in fashion industry,  I realized that I began to be appreciated because I suggested buying what I sincerely thought was the best of the collections, sometimes contradicting the choices of the customers.


Working for win-win situations should not be interpreted in every aspect of the professional relationships.


The law of cause and effect (what you plant you will harvest) is operative 24 hours a day.


That's why learning how to communicate should serve to express what you think in an effective and pleasant way, instead of creating  hucksters., as well as by developing emotional intelligence is useful to be empathetic, inclusive, satisfied and spontaneously welcoming, not just to trap a customer. 


If we don't make ourselves happy, if we don't love and respect ourselves, if we don't respect each other, how can we do it with others?


While you are selling yourself, You are living your life

and the way you do it will affect the quality of your life.


Years ago a representative of a pharmaceutical company wrote a book about his work, and among the various ugliness he wrote about, I was struck by a phrase that I never forgot: "I get up in the morning, and I know I'm going to sell my Soul".


Best of life ahead!





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Angie Claire

Angie Claire.


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