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Here you can immediately try the 15 minutes protocol with immediate benefits to release anxiety, stress and fatigue, increase vitality and focus, improve decision-making and sleep quality, sharpen your mind, achieve inner peace daily. It is a GIFT by Master Del Pe during the covid-19 pandemic. Enjoy his heling energy!

If you wish you can download the complete programs by the Master Del Pe's Onlne Store. Links below.

Anti-Burnout & Fatigue Management Protocol

Video DVD & CD

JustBE alive™ - Martial Arts & Yoga

15 minutes to release your stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, and flight fatigue. Increase vitality. Overcome addictions and sleep problems at the comfort of your home! Ask for skype sessions and workshop, or download

$ 15,00

JustBE free™ Meditation

20 minutes meditation to release and heal negative emotions, toughts and feeeling, and the side effects of past traumas. Achieving peace and inner calm. Healing relationships.

$ 9,00

What can we do 4 you?

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Some of our solutions for your life, career, health and growth:

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