Global Changes. Why do Leaders need to Understand Universal Laws?

Facing difficult situations it is necessary to know how universal laws work and affect our lives, so we can know what is going on before something happens, to prevent a crisis; what the outcomes of leaders choices in the long terms, and so forward. So, they will do the most important and best coiches now, for the future, instead of having a fully booked agenda with important and obsolete stuff in the same place.

Example: We are worry about climate changes, right?

Yes, we have to change a lot. For sure! 

But, do you know why we have to? It is not to save planet Earth.



Earth is under control


We are doing very bad things, but the Earth is under cosmic laws of evolution, and it's going on its own path.


If Earth has to change something, it will do, for sure.


The Earth is an alive Being. It is perfectly under a higher control. It already was here, so much time before us. 


Yes, we have to change. We have to review many automatic process that right now we do without thinking too much. We have to take the responsibility to overcome the old habits, to choose not just a product, but the right one. 


We have to adapt our production and lifestyle to be more respectful of others, of nature and the environment. But it is for us, not for the Earth. It is because required by our growth and karmic law. It is because we are becoming more enlightened, meaning more intelligent from a higher perspective, even if it doesn't look like :( because we are all humans, but with different level of evolution.

We are Not the Managers of the Planet


We have to learn how to harmonize with nature. YES!


But we are not the managers, we are not the bosses of this planet. It is not our!


That's why it is important, for leaders, to be trained to open up higher levels of consciousness, in order to naturally develop higher vision and understanding, to do the best choices to last in the future. 


Even the most powerful do not have the understanding of the outcomes of their choices. For some of them it will be not a pleasure to discover that death does not exist. The cause-effect law is neutral, but it is proportional to the area of influence.


We are spending a lot of attention and time on things that we cannot manage, and we are letting go things that are under our responsibility.


Recognizing Priorities


We are worried about climate changes, but by learning something about our planet from the Energy System perspective, we could understand that the Earth has to move to its next step, and the climate changes are part of it. 


The increasing emotional and mental issues, loss of control and violence, are part of this process, too. But we can and we have to manage it. This is a real priority! There are the tools to transform inner darkness into light. 


I had an intuition 7 years ago, about it. Thanking some Energy Science Strategies, I was able to come out by a tragic experience that brought me directly to hell.  Then I saw Europe like based on a glass floor, under which an emotional magma was ready to explode. And I had the intuition of the increasing violence, also. So, now we see it every day more and more, there is karmic acceleration for everyone, with so much problems coming out, and I hope someone will put the right attention and will be available to listen to the solution, and to go in action as soon as possible.


Differently forget culture, human rights, environment, a better life quality, business, education, equity, free time, happy hour, vacation, the last cellphone. If many people will go out of control, we will have to manage the chaos.


Do you know that emotions are contagious? I think everyone experiments it. That feeling affects the environment and others, as a dangerous disease contaminating many people. The same is for toughts.


The Solution


Seven years ago it was difficult to understand this vision, but now I do not have time to finish talking, which everyone nods.


And if I tell you now that there is a solution to prevent and manage the increasing emotional, mental and behavioral problems, and at the same time to accelerate the growth by developing higher levels of consciousness, what would you like to do?


If I tell you that dedicating yourself from 5 to 20 minutes a day you can eliminate fatigue, anxiety, stress, sleep problems in a few minutes, revitalizing yourself  and facing every day and every situation (yes, EVERY) with greater mental clarity, focus, and best decision-making, naturally growing and developing 5 ascending level of intelligence, would you like to have these tools?


Would you want your children, your co-workers, family members, fellow citizens, to have them, instead of being easy prey to excessive emotionality, unproductiveness, aggressiveness and many other issues that make lose the beauty of life and affect society?


I have worked with thousands of people, from different countries, social class, age, culture, and religions. We all have hell and heaven inside us. And our contribution to the world is given by what we feed and express. Every moment, every thought, emotion, word, action, feeds one or the other.


If we do not create paradise in us we will not be able to create the conditions for a better future. There is no other solution to avoid degradation. Either one grows or implodes. Nothing is fixed.


Do you wish to say one day: - whatever will happen, we have made the difference -?


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Best of life ahead!



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Angie Claire

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