Solutions to Change The World?

This tunnel is beautiful! It inspired me this today post :)) It's the Yangzhou Zhongshuge bookstore, in China. Although not all books are beautiful and useful, and not all the writers are more advanced than their readers, books can represent a great opportunity of knowledge, inspiration, and stretching for our minds, and they have the advantage of living beyond the lives of writers ... for good, and for bad.

That's why it is important to DISCERN and discriminate, and we cannot think of books as the only tool of GROWTH, as well as the current EDUCATIONAL model. Otherwise, we would already be living in a better world.


I think that the basic error of this model, although unwanted, consists in thinking that children because they are young, have nothing to teach us, or have no experience behind themselves.


Contrariwise, I discovered that we have multiple levels in our nature, and even if a body is new, the consciousness that inhabits it has often the experience of hundreds of lifetimes, according to the level of evolution.

Because the conscious memory does not remember the previous lives, it does not mean that there are no FOOTPRINTS of the SOUL.

Over the past 22 years, I have collected a lot of evidence of this fundamental aspect of life evolution called REINCARNATION 

When this will be understood, and no longer relegated to obsolete religious beliefs, educational models will be based on the study of the true history of evolution, rather than on the bad example of negative models of some warmongers who have violated the universal laws of fairness and justice, plundering and killing whole countries, as still happening on nowadays, without thinking about the consequences of the law of cause-effect.

Higher Consciousness

The principle of reincarnation will consequently lead to the search for higher consciousness, and it will be integrated with the clear idea that growth is a continuous process, as a result of personal and collective experience.


It will therefore be understood that in establishing a concrete contact with one's own spiritual nature, one will find the answers to the questions that today are afflicting humanity, bringing a new vision of unity, and making it possible to spontaneously express all the qualities that are much pronounced and little applied today, such as ETHICS, JUSTICE, RESPECT, INCORRUTTIBILITY, and so on.


Only we can do it if we want to be the right EXAMPLE for future generations. 



The tools are already here, and the personal and general problems on the rise bringing anxiety, depression, and other sufferings, are a starting point that the individual consciences and the collective conscience of humanity are stimulating so that in seeking for solutions, humanity will find itself. 


For this purpose, there are "scientific" meditations that facilitate and accelerate individual and collective development, and others with which we can act as transformers agents, contributing to a true change.


Instead of talking we can bless, instead of criticizing and gossiping, or getting furious, we can bless and open up the consciousness of many people to the connection with their Higher Consciousness, to listen to the voice of their Soul. Do you like the idea? 


Change the world!

Changing the world starts from changing oneself, to extend this change to the community, to the countries, to humanity. Meditations for growth and service are a very effective and safe way to do this without bloodshed.


If you are smart now, imagine yourself activating higher levels of consciousness, SEEING SOLUTIONS where others can't.

And imagine what it means to do the same with humanity.

I know of no more exact science than the SPIRITUAL one.

I do not know of faster tools to find concrete solutions to EVERYDAY LIFE and to the PROBLEMS of HUMANITY.


It's just a matter of doing it.


You don't have to become a mystical or spiritual type. You already Are. We are all Spiritual Beings who incarnate into a Body through a Soul.


Love & Blessings

Angie Claire

Insights & Experimentation

Here are some indications for participating in public meditation programs, and some books

Article & Book. Aquarian Revolution

Earth Changes predicted by Master Del Pe years ago and collected in this book for the first time in 2015, then publicly launched in 2020, after the validation of some premonitions for the verification of the timing. What to do, safe places, places to avoid, and much more. 


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Book. Aquarian Invocation

300 million years of evolution of humanity and the planet and the projections up to 2160. Understanding the evolutionary processes and the invisible nature of the planet, and of those who inhabit it. How to participate in the transition phase between 2 Ages through the Aquarian Invocation. 


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CD. Namascar Meditation

Meditazione guidata di allineamento alla Coscienza Superiore, o Anima.

28 minuti per il benessere, lo sviluppo della coscienza, e il servizio.


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Monthly Live Online Event. Full Moon Meditation

Monthly appointment open to the public with lectures, Q&A, and guided meditation to absorb new qualities and virtues and bringing service to humanity and the planet through blessings. No previous experience is needed. FREE ADMISSION

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Bi-Monthly Live Online Event. Oracles of Master Del Pe

Bi-monthly meeting on 6 themes concerning the evolution and next steps of humanity and the planet, with meditations for the development of higher consciousness and Q&A. 


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Angie Claire
Angie Claire

Angie Claire.


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