Are you ready for Earth Changes?

Earth Changes & Global Reengineering through the Aquarian Revolution.

Interview with Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe is the Founder of WILGA (Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement), WIID (World Institute for Incurable Diseases) and BIHC (BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness).


He decided to release his intuitive and psychic vision about next Global Events he wrote in his 12th book 5 years ago. 

1. What about Earth Changes and why they are necessary in the present time?

There are 3 aspects of God, Creation, Preservation and Destruction. Presently, we are in the transition from the Piscean Era (which was marked by emotionalism, mysticism and devotion) to the Aquarian World Order (which is more scientific, practical, organized and structured). The Earth now needs positive destruction for creative reconstruction.

A new world substance is now coming in. For this to happen, there has to be positive destruction of the old, obsolete substance, designs and forms first. Then only can reconstruction happen. This has already started with the COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic meltdown.

The Earth is an integral part of the Solar System. Earth Changes are therefore a necessary ingredient of the stimulation of the cosmic changes from Piscean to Aquarian Life at the Solar System level.

I have revealed this in 2001, in my Third Eye book, in 2009 and more recently in the Aquarian Revolution book which was written in 2015.

2. What role does the Law of Karma play in Earth Changes?

The Law of Karma governs the retribution and clearing aspects of what Humanity has sown. Since it has sown toxicity on Earth, it will harvest this through tribulations and difficulties during Earth Changes. These can come in the form of catastrophes and cataclysms such as pandemics, crop failures, natural calamities, civil unrest, violence, wars, famine and extreme global poverty. Those who have sown good deeds will be spared from crisis and suffering. This is how the Law of Karma fulfills itself.

The Earth has past karma. So too does Humanity which is a Being in the Earth’s aura and the individuals who are a part of it. The time has now come for the clearing of the karma of Humanity and the Earth.

3. Does destruction have to be a necessary part of Earth Changes?

Yes. Earth changes governed by the Will of God bring positive destruction for reconstruction and reform.  At this juncture, it is the Will of God that brings forth the clearing and cleansing of Humanity through difficulties and strife. This is the time of the awakening of Humanity. So destruction plays a necessary part in its evolution.

Earth Changes are not just about suffering, cataclysms, anarchy and civil unrest. They are also about what happens after. The externalization of the Hierarchy of illuminated Beings with the Christ returning physically on Earth is one of the outcomes of the positive destruction of Earth Changes.  Not only will this awaken Humanity and the Kingdoms (Animal, Plant and Mineral), it will also clear the Dark Side. The war between good and evil at the physical, emotional and mental planes will clear the karma of the Earth and Humanity. It will also clear the darkness induced by the negative side.  

4. COVID-19 and the economy crisis have already affected millions of families globally. How long will Earth Changes last and what else can we expect?

The global economic meltdown, cataclysms and anarchy will unfold till 2035 and beyond. During this period, the Animal Kingdom will also be affected by pandemics and the extinction of many species. Bigger changes will take place until 2054 after which a Cosmic initiation involving the Solar System, the Cosmos and the Earth will take place. 2084 is another milestone when Universal events beyond the Cosmos will allow the Earth to be initiated or co-initiated.  

5. What new teachings will you share with Humanity to help them survive and thrive during Earth Changes and build a New Aquarian Era?

The New Aquarian Era is an organized outcome of the New Divine Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy and higher Beings like the Shamballa. This Plan will guide the Earth to impose upon itself its purpose.

I would like our readers to understand the Esoteric Psychology of this planetary initiation. Through this initiation, the Earth is being cleared so it can evolve along with its Kingdoms (Humanity, Animal, Plant and Mineral) and also awaken these Kingdoms to evolve and be self-accountable and responsible by clearing their karmic issues.  Once their karma is cleared, the Earth and its Kingdoms will be lighter and will evolve.

Survival Tips for Transition

The most useful things to learn are, how to:

  1. Manage Crises 
  2. Develop your Will-Power at all 5 levels (Spiritual will to anchor your Soul purpose, Mental stamina, Emotional toughness, Vitality, and Physical strength)
  3. Keep yourself healthy and give up vices. If you are healthy, you can survive in a crisis with little or no money
  4. Learn how to heal so you can help your loved ones if they cannot go to the hospital in a crisis. (Email angiec@mdpbelife.com for more information on our ONLINE programs). 
  5. Talk to your family about austerity measures in difficult times
  6. Do character building by generating positive emotions and thoughts
  7. Audit yourself and work on your weaknesses to change for the better
  8. Have closures in your past relationships, forgive others and yourself and also seek forgiveness
  9. Align to a mentor or a holy being, a spiritual teacher or divine guide to get the best advice in times of a crises. There is no value replacement for a spiritual mentor or a wise Being who can see things that you can’t, and help you with decisions that you can’t take on your own.

The Aquarian Revolution book is being launched on July 6, Pre-order your copy to find out how Earth Changes will unfold. Learn what global reengineering will do to people’s consciousness. 


If ever you have the Dark Night of the Soul, spiritual apathy or meaninglessness, do consult us as this is our specialization since many years. Master Del Pe earlier book, Beyond the Dark Night of the Soul reveals an intricate and sophisticated curriculum for self-mastery and enlightenment, wellness and life balance.


"I wish you the Best of Life Ahead!"

Master Del Pe


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You will also get secret knowledge and global predictions you cannot find anywhere else.

Things you can do now from the book’s recommendations:

  • Assemble Survival Kits to be safe, thrive and be sustainably successful
  • Create spiritual and business strategies to become a legend during the period of crisis
  • Execute best tactics for wealth transfer to you before the failure of fiat currencies

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